Facing Facts*

Another day on the land, lets all give thanks. We’ve reached another Monday, I am truly thankful for everyone’s life today. Sleep in peace to those who have not made it to see this new day, we remember you now and forever. The motive of today is facing facts. It is time we understand the … More Facing Facts*


Some wake up calls come from the sudden realization that the way you are living is not how you should. It’s like you finally get some clarity on a situation you are in and now it’s all about taking the right steps to get out of it. As much as she wanted love, she actually … More Realization

Dear Diary

I have a gift and a curse: my gift is I can see where the situationship is going to go with men wayyy ahead of time but my curse is I also still give them the benefit of the doubt. How fun. Like yeah…. lemme see if you’re worth it even though I already know … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Today’s thoughts : Should I have waited? (August, 27, 2020) So let me backtrack and give you guys a little back story to this question. Before February of this year I was still a virgin. Yes… I was almost 30 years old and still a virgin. I got to the point where I just said, … More Dear Diary


Inhale. Summer right before ninth grade is when it started. I used to be the kid who would tell everyone all the negative things about smoking weed. How ungodly it is. The effects to your body and mind. Basically any information I could use to turn people away from smoking weed because that’s all I … More Herb.

Grinding Gears

You know what truly grinds my gears, when people assume they know who you are. They act like they understand you. They pretend to get where you’re coming from. They assume you meant something else from what you actually said. My whole thing is the human race has forgot about one key component: Listening. Instead … More Grinding Gears

Dear Diary

I’ve figured it out…. it’s me . I am the reason I can’t find someone, I am the reason I keep losing friends, I am the reason my mental health is declining, I am the reason my physical health is declining. It’s my fault. My fault for thinking I can find someone as loving as … More Dear Diary

Stay Sharp

Grand Rising Folks! It’s a new week of opportunity, so let’s seize them! As we look around the world shit is crazy right now. A lot of people are losing hope, causing problems, trying their best, and making the right steps towards their future. Ford has on us restrictions again: only thing is it’s worst … More Stay Sharp

Dear Diary

Change is in the air and it smells like bull crap. Now don’t get a girl wrong, change can be a beautiful thing: it shows growth and understanding, but is it bad for me to say it’s too late? Like you had a chance to truly change the outcome of your actions but didn’t care, … More Dear Diary

Now & Forever

There comes a point in time where enough is enough. You’ve lost the care you once had, the love you once showed, and the desire you once gave. Now you’re cold; immune to the negativity that you just accept it now. Accept that things won’t work out for you, accept that your are who you … More Now & Forever