Good night*

Unlock you intuition and clear your mind. We are going to touch on the effects of music for sleep and relaxation in today’s post. We listen to music daily but do we truly understand it? There’s so much more to music that goes beyond simply listening to it; you know the moments when you get … More Good night*

Facing Facts*

Another day on the land, lets all give thanks. We’ve reached another Monday, I am truly thankful for everyone’s life today. Sleep in peace to those who have not made it to see this new day, we remember you now and forever. The motive of today is facing facts. It is time we understand the … More Facing Facts*

Mental Freedom

Free. Free from mental bondage brought on by how I felt about certain people. I can now say that I am over feeling down about the way people have treated me. I wish nothing but the best for the males who took me for granted and the females who couldn’t be who they say they … More Mental Freedom

Dear Diary

The most important thing is to be happy in the skin you are in… so easily discouraged by the pace of my life: I need to cut that out. It’s one thing to sit and talk about changing yourself for the better, you actually have to do the work. Life isn’t easy but it is … More Dear Diary

Poetry Week!

I was supposed to make this post on Sunday but got too busy over the weekend. This week is all about poems and spoken words that have truly stood out to me. I’ll be dropping some Ive written, some people I know have written, and also the ones I’ve come across in life that truly … More Poetry Week!

Dear Diary

I’ve figured it out…. it’s me . I am the reason I can’t find someone, I am the reason I keep losing friends, I am the reason my mental health is declining, I am the reason my physical health is declining. It’s my fault. My fault for thinking I can find someone as loving as … More Dear Diary

Stay Sharp

Grand Rising Folks! It’s a new week of opportunity, so let’s seize them! As we look around the world shit is crazy right now. A lot of people are losing hope, causing problems, trying their best, and making the right steps towards their future. Ford has on us restrictions again: only thing is it’s worst … More Stay Sharp

Dear Diary

It’s a new month and that means new movements! Change is upon us right now so let’s start by getting our body in check. Lately I’ve been working on my mind and it’s truly changed for the better. Started giving myself more credit, slowly starting to own my existence, and I’ve become less inclined to … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Forgive me. forgive me for wanting more Forgive me for forgetting Forgive me for trying to love someone Forgive me for leaving the church Forgive me for believing you were my friend Forgive me for being so blind Forgive me for the useless money spending Forgive me for yelling Forgive me for swearing Forgive for … More Dear Diary


Good morning everyone, I hope you have all been keeping safe and staying entuned with your star player. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s been crazy since the last time I posted. My apologies for the late “new week” post, life just was moving too fast for me lately. I just want to … More WINNING WEDNESDAY!

no condemination

One of my favorite gospel songs is “We fall down” by Donnie McClurkin; I’d say about 98% of the time when I hear that song play I tear up. I don’t know if its because of what’s going on in my life at the time or because the song gives me hope. Regardless it means … More no condemination


Enough. It’s time that we understood that the feeling we hold towards life needs to change. Life is complicated: some days will have you feeling that you have everything figured out and then some days you want to give up. I get it, I’ve been there; I’m still there but there’s always a light at … More FORWARD THINKING