Self Talk*

Good Morning Folks! As a part of my wellness program, every Wednesday I will be posting different mental health topics for us to go over and discuss. Today is about self talk: changing the way you speak and think of yourself. People in general fail to realize how powerful words actually are, you can speak … More Self Talk*

Another Monday

Grand rising folks, we’ve made it another week. Sleep in peace to all those who didn’t make it to see a new day, you are loved and will be missed. With so much going on in the world and in our very own lives, remember to be thankful regardless. Make the necessary steps to create … More Another Monday

Dear Diary

I’ve reached a new low that I am not trying to stay at any longer…. I’ve tried with life but nothing but misery seems to company it so I am keeping to myself now. My excitement for my birthday has died down… my thrill for a new chapter in my life is almost nonexistent but … More Dear Diary

Mental Freedom

Free. Free from mental bondage brought on by how I felt about certain people. I can now say that I am over feeling down about the way people have treated me. I wish nothing but the best for the males who took me for granted and the females who couldn’t be who they say they … More Mental Freedom

Dear Diary

The most important thing is to be happy in the skin you are in… so easily discouraged by the pace of my life: I need to cut that out. It’s one thing to sit and talk about changing yourself for the better, you actually have to do the work. Life isn’t easy but it is … More Dear Diary


Tired is an understatement, you give your all to everything that is you and still somehow fall short. How is this even possible? Is good not good enough? I have to be this excellent person. I have to be the type of person who doesn’t care and continues to bend over backwards for others. I … More CONFESSIONS


We’ve made it to 200 follows! Thank you for all the support and love! It’s been a challenging road but I am truly thankful for you all sticking with me during this! More content coming soon: videos and more podcasts. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend! Stay safe, stay focused, and stay … More 200!

Dear Diary

I keep saying to myself : apply yourself to supply your wealth, the only limitations you’ll ever have is those you place upon yourself. Like forreal…. you gotta get up and get it! That’s the only way your pockets are going to expand exactly like GLC said on Kendrick Lamar’s song “Poe mans dream.” It’s … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

I keep getting myself into the same situations. I try to separate myself from the misuse of others but I am too caring and also too naive. I know I’m being used, so why do I continue? I know they couldn’t careless about me so why do I entertain them? Why is it so hard … More Dear Diary

Poetry Week!

I was supposed to make this post on Sunday but got too busy over the weekend. This week is all about poems and spoken words that have truly stood out to me. I’ll be dropping some Ive written, some people I know have written, and also the ones I’ve come across in life that truly … More Poetry Week!


used, abused, and misused I’m a victim of the blues, my life seems to be in ruins, and I’m left with no clues. Kiss goodbye the old me, welcome the new, it’s hard in these streets, in case you never knew. So tired of the games, fake love and the lames, you fight for what’s … More VICTIM

Who am i?

I’m just trying to figure out who I am, living life day by day, always finding myself in a jam. Who am I? What should I do? I keep asking these questions, but I have no clue. Restless and ready to give up, cheers, as I pour more into my cup. Woe is me, woe … More Who am i?