Self Talk*

Good Morning Folks! As a part of my wellness program, every Wednesday I will be posting different mental health topics for us to go over and discuss. Today is about self talk: changing the way you speak and think of yourself. People in general fail to realize how powerful words actually are, you can speak … More Self Talk*

Dear Diary

It’s scary how I am truly starting to control my emotions. Silence is the way. Instead of the usual lash out, subliminals, or tears: I just go mute. It’s hard to be at work when I’m sad about my friends passing. I don’t care for functions or even saying good morning but I am pushing … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Stoned Blows… Weed makes me think 3x as much about life. Anything that happens, when I smoke it just magnifies in my head. I’ll overthink more will high but then forget all about it. A never ending cycle of “the battle of the brain state: sober or high” I realize that the way I handle … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Do people change? I constantly ask myself this question because I want to believe they do but time has a way of showing me they don’t. You make a decision in your mind that someone does not deserve you anymore but yet a slight change in character has you rethinking, why is that? Are we … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

The most important thing is to be happy in the skin you are in… so easily discouraged by the pace of my life: I need to cut that out. It’s one thing to sit and talk about changing yourself for the better, you actually have to do the work. Life isn’t easy but it is … More Dear Diary

Truth be told.

I know sometimes the way I talk is a problem; dealing with constant stupid shit, eventually you stop caring. You stop holding regard for other people’s feelings because you’re tired. Tired of the ill-treatment, the abuse, the disrespect, and the politics. Do you think I act the way I do for no reason? There’s always … More Truth be told.

Past tense*

It’s hard to let go of something you wanted so bad,Just another lesson learned, but it still makes me sad.Heart cold like winter nights,Love lost like summer days,Reminiscing on us as a bitxh in a daze.What could have been will never be now,Smiles slowly rest into frowns,If only things were different,If only we were different,But … More Past tense*

Poetry Week!

I was supposed to make this post on Sunday but got too busy over the weekend. This week is all about poems and spoken words that have truly stood out to me. I’ll be dropping some Ive written, some people I know have written, and also the ones I’ve come across in life that truly … More Poetry Week!