Dear Melly

You know what I miss the most? Your laugh. Loud and infectious! I thought I was extra when I would laugh but you beat me, yours could be heard all the way in Africa lol. It’s been what… 5 years now. There’s always something that reminds me of you as the years go by. It’s like I’m not allowed to forget you, classic you move. As you would always say “who me? I’m unforgettable” one of your favourite lines; you truly are. I just want to thank you for the small moment you will in my life: however long it was truly beneficial. I’ve written about you at least 3x already on this blog. How you could be so gentle but yet fierce is beyond me. I’ve tried to meet someone like you but there is no one like you. No one has ever truly had me like you and you were my shortest friendship. It was the daily uplifting, the pushing me forward, the jokes, the fun,and the fact that we’ve NEVER argued. LIKE EVER, no cussing, no raised voices, no subliminal posts; nothing. Rare. I wish things didn’t have to end but who am I to question destiny? I just miss you. Going through the trials and tribulations that are happening right now in my life , it would be great if you were around. I don’t usually express my issue with people, I just suffer in silence but you were always a good listener and a even better advice giver. I’m trynna get like you Melly…. I’m trying to be entuned with my star player. I’m trying to have that carefree attitude too like you did. With everything you were battling you still managed to stay rich, stay beautiful, and stay positive. I miss you, I always will. Til we meet again, Sleep in Peace my Melly baby. 💖

March 11 2016 🥀


To be honest I’m thankful for the hard times because it wouldn’t make the good times that much enjoyable. That was my biggest problem: showing gratitude. Yes, life can be somewhat of a b**** but how quickly I forgot how far I’ve actually came. The hard times kind of prepare me to be more humble when things start to actually work out for me. Crazy. I just want to thank the heavens for not giving up on me and I want to thank myself for not giving up either. It’s a struggle to see the positive when everything around you is so negative; I get it, easier said than done. Nonetheless, this feeling of relief and joy I feel now that things are slowly coming together for me is amazing. Makes me wonder why the hell I was feeling so defeated before. Just another hurdle you have to get over in life to make it to the finish line. I don’t know how far I am or if I’ll even make it to the finish line before I am called home: I just know that at this very moment, I am kind of happy. Crazy again because I wasn’t this way last week; just goes to show how quickly your life/mood can change. Moments like this I can learn to appreciate the hard times because it made me stronger. It made me believe that things couldn’t get any worst so might as well go with the flow until you meet that curveball when everything shifts; that day is coming soon.


[Bee signed out]