Dear Diary

Determination has truly set in, I have to change this feeling inside. As I look in the mirror at how much my body has changed from doing little workouts everyday since the 1st of the month, I am truly proud of myself. Procrastinating was and is still one of my biggest flaws: I got great ideas and a good head on my shoulders but I give up way to quickly. This month has truly showed me that anything is possible if you stick to it… I actually got people wanting to join me and supporting me for my new fitness lifestyle. This is all new to me but it feels great. To take charge or shit and actually get recognition for my hard work. It’s not even being a “fat” woman in this world, nonetheless I’m proud of the journey I am taking. I’m going to make everyone who doubted, or misused me wish they didn’t .

[Bee signed out]

Grinding Gears

You know what truly grinds my gears, when people assume they know who you are. They act like they understand you. They pretend to get where you’re coming from. They assume you meant something else from what you actually said. My whole thing is the human race has forgot about one key component: Listening. Instead of making assumptions, why don’t people ever ask? NO ONE can tell me about me. You are not inside my body to know how these emotions work or how my body feels. They make up accusations towards you whenever you try to explain yourself. They assume you’re doing too much or too sensitive, simply because you’ve asked them to treat you better. They assume you’re fake because you don’t automatically diss someone. They assume you’re a bitch because your face is always straight. They assume you’re too wild and unprofessional because of how loud your voice carries. They assume you’re not good enough by your looks or bank account. Assumptions: the shit that TRULY grind my motherfucking gears!

STOP ASSUMING AND LISTEN! LISTEN WHEN PEOPLE TALK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOUR! Listen when people talk to you about their pain! Listen when someone tries to explain their feelings. Just listen folks. I’m done giving people the benefit of the doubt, just taking them exactly how they are. Every time, I accept people for who their are regardless of what they’ve done and I move accordingly. No one can seem to accept me. Most of the people in my life have know me for a long time so for them to still not have a fucking clue who I truly am is not surprising at all. THATS BECAUSE I DONT SHOW THE FULL ME! So how can you sit down and assume you know who I am when I don’t show you the full me? This blog is based on me being a pathological liar before…. what makes you think you have a good idea of my character when all I did was lie?! Y’all thought I lost my virginity already until I came clean and said I lied because I wanted to be a part of the team. Y’all swear I was deep into my fitness when I lost almost 40lbs in 2018 but it was stress, depression, and barely eating was the reason for my “impressive” weight loss, but I never told anyone. People don’t truly care for the background information they just go solely on what they can physically see, and that’s the downfall of all mankind. Looks can be deceiving. Grow the hell up and stop making your own definition of someone. I’ve met a stripper who was dancing to pay for med school. I’ve met a homeless person who was a big time doctor back in his home country. I’ve met a drug addict who was a top lawyer in America until his wife died and he had a mental breakdown. I’ve met an escort who was only selling her body to pay for her fathers medical bills WHILE in University! STOP JUDGING BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROUGH! You don’t know what life has done or will do for the people around you so be kind. Be loving. Be nonjudgmental. Be open. Be loyal. Be real. And mind your GOT DAMN BUSINESS!

Gotta do better as a people! So stop telling me you know me because you only know what I tell you. There’s stories you’ll never read on my blog because those are being taken to the grave. Stop grinding people’s gears by acting like you know…. but don’t know shit. I might have been a pathological liar to advance myself in life but when I’m actually having a convo with you… believe me words and remember I also don’t owe you shit.


Here we are again: another Sunday.

It’s the last week of April and I hope things have changed for the better in your life all this month. As you can see around the world, it’s been hard to watch all the negative things happening. The pandemic continues to do a number on a lot of us and the government has been proving itself to be ran by idiots. My thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone facing hard challenges right now around the world. There’s no words to truly comfort you all but nonetheless, I pray your situation changes soon. As we enter the new week, continue to remember that you have meaning and purpose. I see and know people who’ve been struggle right now mentally, physically, and spiritually: I too understand how you feel. You develop a feel of hopelessness and simply just survive the days. Well, I just want to say that it’s time to change that way of think. The law of attraction is real folks. Positive thinking brings positive results; it may not be the results you want but it will bring you a step forward towards your ultimate goal.

This month I took it upon myself to change myself for a more beneficial life. A life that I can say freely that I’ve truly lived. Yes, I’ve been through a lot of traumatic things but lessons they were nonetheless. Even the things I didn’t deserve, help shaped me into the person I am today. Do not define yourself by the actions of others. You are NOT them. What they did was wrong but you should not view yourself less than because of THEIR actions. take the salt with the sugar. Some times situations are out of your hands, but the issue is we dwell and make it define our future. The goal is healing. Recharge. Heal from the pain that holds you back. Heal from the dreams you had that never came true. Don’t just give up because things don’t go your way or because of being hurt. Change starts within. With all that being said, I pray you all have a positively changing week. Focus on your health, wealth, true friends and family, and your neighbor. Put the guns down. Stop these stupid lock down restrictions. Treat your partners with respect. Be loyal to your friends. Help those in need. Stay Safe. HOLD THOSE ACCOUNTABLE! Let’s all live a life worth living.

Happy Sunday Guys, please stay safe and mindful of your surroundings. Support each other. Learn from each other. Love each other.

Dear Diary

I’ve figured it out…. it’s me . I am the reason I can’t find someone, I am the reason I keep losing friends, I am the reason my mental health is declining, I am the reason my physical health is declining. It’s my fault. My fault for thinking I can find someone as loving as me in a partnership. My fault for being so trusting and considerate to my so called friends. My fault for not thinking more highly of myself even though others do. My fault for my sedentary lifestyle and laziness for getting my health this low…. I placed the blame on everyone else when it was truly me this whole time. The only person you can truly fuck with is yourself: not family, not friends, and DEFINITELY not lovers. I understand now. I get it. If I want change I gotta be the change. I’ve said this more times in my life than I can count but today I finally am taking my own advice. I apologize to everyone who I tried to place the blame on… it’s my fault. I should have known not everyone has your best interest in mind. With that being said, I’m taking over the month of May, for me and me alone.

[Bee signed out]

Stay Sharp

Grand Rising Folks!

It’s a new week of opportunity, so let’s seize them! As we look around the world shit is crazy right now. A lot of people are losing hope, causing problems, trying their best, and making the right steps towards their future. Ford has on us restrictions again: only thing is it’s worst now! Like why the hell would you take away clothes, arts & crafts, and supplies that aren’t “essential” from the public? Who told you that these things weren’t essential? How do you expect us to be entertaining our children and you really expect us to not need any new clothes? Yes, things are wild with this new variant but at the same time you are doing too much Ford, women can’t even get menstrual products in some places I’ve seen; disgusting. Then you see all these mass shootings and suicides. What is happening to the world? Have me truly been desensitized to how we treat each other? Has mental health awareness and support dropped so low that no one cares anymore? What is going on in the mind of these folks, why are we treating each other so bad? Is there time to change? Always. #Changethedynamic is a real movement I’ve been trying to push. We got to get back to the love your brethren talks. People are sick, people are lonely, people are depressed, people are loving, people are strong, and people are hopeful. Not only do we need to take back our rights with the government but we also need to change our view points back to being respectful. All this racism and envy of each other’s possessions is degrading. Why does someone being who they natural are such a bother to you that you come out of character? “Oh I’m really a nice guy,” but you’re moving like a dick now Jordan.

Another day, another dollar. I hope we all see more in our futures. The financial world has taken a hit and it’s sad to see everyone struggle. I truly don’t think we were made to struggle like this, our lives as humans has to be meant for more. WE are the ones who changed the laws and stripped the rights of each other to live a life worth living. I pray this movement changes soon and we can all truly strive to the best of our ability. Wealth and health to everyone. Let’s get this bread and mental stability. ✨🙏🏿

dear diary

I’ve done it again, developed feelings for another unavailable guy. Shameful. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I am needy or am I just going about this the wrong way? You have hope in certain things happening in your life but yet WHO TOLD YOU IT WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO? Just because you start to like someone, doesn’t mean by some sheer miracle they will like you back. It’s a sad reality but a reality nonetheless, so here I am upset at myself, AGAIN, for allowing myself to feel for another person. I had truly made up in my mind that I was going to be done with the male species, but unfortunately my heart didn’t feel the same way. It still wants love. It still wants to feel love. It still wants to be desired and coddled. Deep down I know that this shit really isn’t for me but damn I can’t seem to completely drop all hope that there isn’t a love out there for me. I don’t know why but for some reason like; the two others, I thought this might be different. It’s not like I didn’t know he was emotional unavailable, I just thought I could be strong enough to overcome the need to be with him because I kind of seen him as another “one of the man dem” type of guy. All those nights spent together kind of messed things up. I slowly started to want more but I denied the growing in my heart and I’m stupid for that. Only when it was too late and I had finally figured out that I liked him, did I decide to kind of ghost him. Taking a month off to really just chill and get back to the task at hand: going to heaven and becoming wealthy. All this stress from what’s going on with my body health wise and now this stress of me having to deny myself my true feelings because there’s no point. I’ve realize it’s just a sexual situation between us so I need to chill out. He said something to me that actually kind of change my view on him and it sucks because I thought he was better than that. Now I’m just irritated and I don’t watch anything he does because I’m low key pissed off. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I try to express myself and draw out the real truth from a man’s lips and I get called names: whack, sensitive, miserable, too emotional, extra, bitchy, etc…. so what the hell is the point in trying? I’m just going to stay silent. Eventually, he will fade away like the rest and it’s back to square 1. Life.

[Bee signed out]

Unrealized Potential.

Often times it’s someone else that realizes your potential before you do. They can see from an unbiased opinion the type of direction you could place yourself in if you would only realize the star quality within you. For example: I had a meeting today with my team leader and he expressed to me that he can see so much potential for me in the company but I just need to work on professionalism and my patience to reach further. Another example: when I asked this guy I used to talk to why it didn’t work out, he informed me out a trait I didn’t realize was such an issue, constantly putting myself down. He explained to me at first he assumed I was just going through a point in life that was slightly more difficult that usual, when he realize that it was always my way of thinking he couldn’t deal with it. I now realize a lot of our arguments stemmed from that trait. We are cool to this day and it was refreshing for his honest opinion. I know I lack confidence in myself but I always assumed it was a beauty thing, but now I realize I would put myself down for basically anything: I’ll never get that promotion, I’m not good enough to sing live, I can’t wear that it’s only for skinny girls, and many more things I’d say to halt myself from (in my head) making a fool of myself.

On Saturday, I was really not feeling like myself. I didn’t have the energy to do anything to be honest. I wanted to clean my whole room and my car, I ended up cleaning my car and laying down in my room instead of cleaning it for the rest of the afternoon. I can’t tell you exactly what it was, but I was just not feeling to good that day. One of my guy friends decided that I needed to get out of my house and out of that “funk.” I eventually agreed to go get something to eat with him that evening. It put me in a slight better mood until I started to do my hair. As a black woman, it’s hard to do my hair – ESPECIALLY since it’s natural. I struggled for more than 30 minutes trying to get my hair into a style I felt cute in, nothing worked. I felt like I wanted to shave my head off right there and then. I ended up sending him a message saying my hair ain’t working so I ain’t going no where. He cussed me out LOL! So I said, screw it. I sprayed my hair with some water and conditioner, picked it out, and went with my hair in an afro. Still unhappy with my hair, I went to get some food with him. During the outing, he gets up to go to the bathroom and these three black females come walking past our booth. They stop. Now before I go any further let me just say, THESE GIRLS ARE DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS! Like front page Model. They looked and smelled like money. The first girl walks over and says to me, “GIRRRRRRRRL… YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL MAMA!” The second girl chimes in, “yesssss my chocolate queen, show off that crown goddess…” The third girl says, ” oooooOOOOO and she thick? YESSSS GIRL!!!” I almost cried sitting there listenting to them. We went back and forth complimenting each other for like 5 minutes; my guy friend had also returned during the time we were talking. I just want to say to whoever those girls are: Thank You!! If you had any idea how shitty, self-conscious, ugly, fat, unloved, not good enough, embarrassed, and just simply tired I was that day… You’d understand how much your words meant to me. My guy friend all even asked me why are my eyes watery, I told him cause yah girl was fighting back tears. He made my day by bringing my out and just being so nice, but they made my life by showing me that I AM beautiful ! Regardless of your hair not sitting right, regardless of how much you weigh, regardless of where you mental wellness is at, you are beautiful! To be honest, It’s hard being black in this world. As I walked into the restaurant I can see the different looks because of how I was dress and how my hair looked, but these girls reminded me: “fuck the opinions of others and own yo shit!” If you really look at it, these girls didn’t have to stop and say all that. If we going by comparison, I could never measure up to how beautiful these girls were, but they didn’t see me as less than… They saw me as my own beauty. That taught me an important lessons on views.

We don’t see the potential we have within ourselves because we are too busy comparing ourselves to others. We want the same cars, the women/men, the fame/glory, the new house, private jets, good schools, we want the position our co-worker got, and many more. Not knowing that our time is going to come. Find out your potential, search inside yourself for the TRUE desire of your heart. Yes, you want money but why do you want money? To show off? To “shit on your haters”? To look the best? To stand out? To support the family? To change the world? To show others then can make it to? To support your friends? To help with planet? Yes, you want that promotion but why do you want that promotion? For the money? For the recognition? For the office? For the corporate perks? Or for better benefits? Or to make the right changes in the company? To see the world more? To better your resume? Yes, you want love but why do you want love? To live up to fake standards? To simply not be alone? To flaunt on social media? Or because you truly want it? To grow? To make changes? To live out your life with that special someone? Ask yourself these questions on the goals and missions you have in life: why do you want? What is the difference it will have in your life? What are you willing to change to get it? The mind is your most powerful and most damaging tool: use it wisely. The potential is there, you just need search within for it. Remember that and trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Day 7. The Goal is the search yourself for that potential. Search yourself for the determination and ambition to go out there and make your life better. Search within yourself and within your faith that things are possible for you. The Goal is to own your beauty and your essence; even when you don’t feel like it, keep pushing towards your goals and keep holding yourself to a higher regard. As we reach over the hurdle this Wednesday, let’s remember that the best is yet to come.

Wellness Mission: 100 squats. 10 Minutes of Mediation.

Learn from your past to make the present pleasant. Change the present to gain your future.

Dear Diary

It’s a new month and that means new movements! Change is upon us right now so let’s start by getting our body in check. Lately I’ve been working on my mind and it’s truly changed for the better. Started giving myself more credit, slowly starting to own my existence, and I’ve become less inclined to feel a way about people’s opinions. The work is not over but we are going to pause for a second to sort out another situation. Idk how this change is going to go in regards to the people I am around but nonetheless it’s a change that must happen so they will just have to deal with it. My body has been taking some abuse for a while now it’s time to change. My birthday is coming up soon which is also gonna be a milestone, so I have to prepare myself for a new line of thinking. Here’s to becoming the best me I can be.

[Bee signed out]

Focus: New week.

Grand rising ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new week.

Remember that all the time and effort you put into now will determine what your life will look like 3-5 years from now, so take the action now. I’ve changed the rules to 90/20: work for 90 minutes on bettering your life then instead of taking a simple break for 20minutes, use those 20minutes to reflect and perfect what you’ve came up with in those 90minutes. Where we are in life now is because of the decisions we made years ago, so let’s change the curve for the better. We let our self-doubts and laziness stop us from our full potential and I want to let you know from now, there is more to this life that you can tap in to. Change your thinking: start investing, start saving, sell products, start a new marketing page, start trading, make Youtube videos, start eating healthier, and start exercising; change your life for the better. Nothing against those who work a 9-5 or are in school but those will only bring in certain amount of funds, if you want to reach a higher level: you need to get focused on long-term money movements. With that being said: let’s also not make money the most important thing to our lives. Let’s try to remember that in order to make this money and be the better version of ourselves you have to work on yourself: mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

Mentally: check on yourself, exercise your brain by reading more, get to the root of your depression and sad, talk to someone, start a journal of your thoughts and feelings to go over later, learn to control your anger or impulsions, and remember to always big yourself up every time you see a mirror.

Physically: place the right things in and on your body, take control of the health scares now, change your diet, exercise more, try out a new way of fitness( zumba, yoga, martial arts, pole dancing, weight training), check up with your doctor regularly, and cut out the bad habits (junk food, smoking, drinking, drugs, laying in bed all day, yelling etc)

Spiritually: whatever your belief is, get more in tuned with it. Pray more, mediate more, read the books for your religion, live the image of your religious leader, bring more people to church, keep blessing each other, and show the care your religion talks about.

Socially: smile more, remember to treat people with love and respect, change the dynamic in the air at your workplace, school, or home. Help those you can help, respect the space and boundaries of others, control your speech and manners, mind your business, and support those who need to be supported.

Apply yourself to supply your wealth: I’m not just talking about your bank account, wealth is also define in the way you carry yourself. I know life can be difficult and at times we are ready to throw in the towel, just remember you were fearfully and wonderfully made: change can be accomplished.

Have a safe, productive, and uplifting week. May the true desires of our heart and the dedication of our minds bring us all the blessings we deserve.

another week!

Grand rising folks and welcome to a new week. I will start by saying: thank you to the heavens for allowing us to see another Sunday morning, sleep in peace and bless those who didn’t make it to this far; we are thankful regardless. We have been given another chance to be great by waking up this morning, do not take that for granted. Go out and use the blessing you have been given to change your circumstance, better yourself, and help others. Remember, time waits for no one so don’t waste it being anything less than magical. I understand it’s hard to stay positive and hopeful in a world that seems so hopeless and negative; it’s an energy killer: one step forward, two steps back. Nonetheless, the gift of life is something to be truly grateful for and with that being said, let’s OWN this week!

Start the changes in your life that you’ve been putting off, have that conversation with that person you’ve been waiting for have, tell the person you are crushing on how you truly feel, or go for that promotion. Whatever it is in life that you’ve been hesitating on, make this week the priority for it. We don’t know what the future holds, by next Sunday some of us can be gone: you never know when it’s your time. Use the moments in time you have now to make a difference in the long term. You have the potential to be great, so use this week to make those changes that will benefit you in the long run. Remember to love each other and yourselves.

Have a safe, productive, and inspiring week.

Weekly Vibes.

Happy Sunday Folks, it’s a new week so let’s give it all we’ve got. Stop running from or holding back your full potential; you’ve got this. It’s a new month also for us to reach the goals we tend to put off. For those who are still not working, a change will come for you soon. For those who are working or hustling, keep up with the grind it will pay off eventually. Keep up the faith also, I know times have been trying us a lot lately but never lose hope that there will be a better tomorrow. All the pain and suffering will finally be worth the end result.

So with that being said, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay focused. New week = new movements. Let’s push ourselves to achieve the best version of ourselves. Keep your mind focused on what’s important and forget about the doubters and negative people who might have something to say about your mission. Love yourz . 🙏🏿💖

Happy Sunday. 💫


Good morning everyone,


Reflecting on 2020: it’s been a trying year; alongside dealing with the pandemic: I also learned a lot of about myself and my surroundings. Some things that took place this year were completely out of my control, while the things I could control, I didn’t control well. This year my goal is to #changethedynamic. Putting aside the ill-regards, the fake behavior, the self-pity or doubt, and simply moving in a more positive direction for my life. It’s about time I stopped hoping for change and actually went out and made changes. To those who I have left behind in 2020, I wish them all the best. I pray they receive wealth, health, and wisdom in their journey of life, I just know that our chapter has ended. Me leaving certain people behind isn’t meant to be taking as a diss, It’s just that I ONLY want the people who check for me the most around me during these new life changes. I want to make sure the right energy is around me constantly and I want only people who genuinely want what’s best for me around. I still have respect and love for them but I just know our interaction won’t be the same starting this year.

With all that being said, use this year as your “turn around” year. I know there’s not a lot to do with this whole quarantine, but still use this time to perfect that star quality you’ve been waiting to showcase. This is the year I entered a new stage in my life and I want to make sure I get it right this time. I abused my 20s: carefree and careless, I decided I was going to do what I want- when I want. Reckless and idiotic. I could have been somewhere else in my life if I had the knowledge and focus I have now. If I wasn’t so caught up in the freedom, I would have truly applied myself more. Nonetheless, my 20s taught me many things that will make me successful in my pursuit of happiness now. So here’s to a new year filled with hopes and realistic dreams, and a new year with mental clarity and self-love, a year filled with growing wealth and perfect health.



Good morning everyone, I hope you have all been keeping safe and staying entuned with your star player.

I don’t know about anyone else but it’s been crazy since the last time I posted. My apologies for the late “new week” post, life just was moving too fast for me lately. I just want to start this off by saying that I am truly thankful for another week. I hope you are also. Blessings to all my readers and loved ones who have made it to see another week alongside me. Sleep in peace to those who didn’t make it to see this new day or previous days before. Life comes at you fast and sometimes you aren’t prepared for it; that is in part why I haven’t been posting as often. Now that time has slowed down a little bit, I am back with a lot of things to post about.

These days being positive has really been a huge task for me, it’s like no matter how hard I try something always seems to mess things up. I don’t know if it’s me, people I interact with, or simply a cosmic energy but yah girl has been drained lately. Thrown the towel in on life because it’s too much, but staying hopeful has changed that dynamic. I am thankful for my life, I am thankful for my body being able to do the tasks it needs to during the day, I am thankful that I ate today, and I am thankful that every day alive is a new day to make changes to my life. Thing get pretty bleak sometimes but there is always new beginnings waiting for you just over the horizon of your mental thoughts. Train your mind to think more positive and uplifting things. Speak blessings into existence. Trials and tribulations will always comes and a lot of the times you aren’t prepared for it, but keeping a clear, encouraging mind will help guide you through your toughest times. There are days when I don’t even feel like interacting with the outside world: I’d call in sick when absolutely nothing is physically wrong it’s just mental. Taking the time out to know and love yourself, heal your mind and heart, and tend to the most important goals you have in life in the long run will help you become a more content person. It’s not always about being better I should say, it’s about feeling better. We can all wear fake smiles, why not for once show one that is genuine? Leave the “relying on others or materialistic things to make you happy” alone and embrace the beauty of YOU!

Although we are already deep into the week, my wish for you all this is week is that you find peace, love, and happiness in your daily lives. I hope the struggles and the storms you are going through right now lighten up soon, and may your mind be at ease to allow positivity to cultivate in it. Thank you for reading and supporting. Let’s have an amazing Hump Day, and continue to #changethedynamic.


Good morning folks and welcome to a new work day. If you are not working, I pray your situation changes soon so we all can eat. If you are working, stay safe and try to have a productive work week.

A new week brings many things in store of us. Try tackling something new this week or work on a goal you’ve been putting off. No one is perfect so let’s both try to remain positive this week. I know for me personally, it will be a task but I am still determined to let this week pass by semi-smoothly. So shout out everyone hustling and trying to make it out here. My talented people just a moment away from truly showing the world their skills. My parents out there who hold down the Fort of the home for their family. My entrepreneurs coming up with the next best thing. My people’s hustle on the block, I know we know this is ain’t right but everyone’s gotta eat somehow; the world hasn’t made it easy for people to fall back in with the rest of society. Big up my 9-5’s waking up and hitting those hours daily for a pay cheque. Let’s get this money, get this body, and get our minds right.

Happy Monday 💙💫


Mary Jane. She’s the one thing that’s always in your corner when you need the support. I started smoking when I was young but the “stoner” title didn’t really fit me until a year later. I realized that I could use this plant as mental support for all the things that trouble my mind. It went from being something all the cool kids were doing to I actually need this in my life. I know all the harmful things about smoking so you don’t need to come at me about them, I still choose to smoke. I am quitting soon but nonetheless, this is an appreciation post about Marijuana.

This plant has helped me through the most stressful times and paved the way for the best nights on the town. Dealing with abuse, anxiety, insomnia, antisocial tendencies, and certain physical ailments weed really changed the game for me. It was like I was a whole new person. I talked more, ate more, and lived more. I let the plant take over my mind and body to the point where people who didn’t think I was cool before, did after. It brought me out of my shell and opened doors for more exciting things I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t smoking. I met some cool ass people and made some iconic memories all because of weed. I wouldn’t recommend smoking weed to anyone, I’d say to use the oils for a more beneficial effect. If you already smoke then you know where I am coming from, weed changes things. My anger was and still is the biggest factor in my life; weed made it slightly easier to handle. Morning joints became the thing; they were always personal too, you have to start the day with a whole spliff to your face. NO sharing. Those jays saved a lot of people from my wrath and you guys should be thankful. LOL. I am not a morning person so naturally weed helped with that problem, I’d be high as shit and would greet anyone I saw with smiles and laughter even if I didn’t exactly wake up in the best mood. It brought some down to earth people into my life who I am still friends with till this day and it’s been over a decade. I turned into the out-going girl people didn’t really get a chance to see because I was shy and quiet growing up. Weed also helped me deal with the depression and anxiousness I always had: I’d smoke and within 20mins I was already laughing up a storm for whatever reason, blocking out the sadness inside. Yes I know weed wears off so the sadness does come back, that’s kind of the reason why I believe I’ve been abusing it. Regardless, weed always puts me in a better mood. I started to not care about what people had to say because the weed made me so damn chill and relax, I didn’t want to blow my high over some idiot. Shout out to all my stoners who understand this post and can relate to some of the things I’ve said. Shout out the people who just smoke to smoke. Shout out all the weed lovers, the true connoisseurs of marijuana and shout out the people who don’t smoke. This plant is a beneficial plant regardless of how you use it, just be mindful of the affects on your body and be sure to stay healthy. Thank you Mary Jane for 15 years of enjoyment. Yes 15 years. I am quitting the smoking aspect for marijuana but not the plant on a whole. It’s been a long time coming and I need to change my health for the better. Till then:

Roll that shit.

Light that shit.

Smoke that shit.