Facing Facts*

Another day on the land, lets all give thanks. We’ve reached another Monday, I am truly thankful for everyone’s life today. Sleep in peace to those who have not made it to see this new day, we remember you now and forever. The motive of today is facing facts. It is time we understand the … More Facing Facts*

Self Talk*

Good Morning Folks! As a part of my wellness program, every Wednesday I will be posting different mental health topics for us to go over and discuss. Today is about self talk: changing the way you speak and think of yourself. People in general fail to realize how powerful words actually are, you can speak … More Self Talk*

Mental Freedom

Free. Free from mental bondage brought on by how I felt about certain people. I can now say that I am over feeling down about the way people have treated me. I wish nothing but the best for the males who took me for granted and the females who couldn’t be who they say they … More Mental Freedom


Grand Rising everyone. It’s a new month and a new week to apply yourself to supply your wealth. April was rocky but yet I accomplished some of the goals I had in place for last month. It’s crazy how much change can happen in your life when you are focused. With that being said, let’s … More #MAYTAKEOVER

Dear Diary

Determination has truly set in, I have to change this feeling inside. As I look in the mirror at how much my body has changed from doing little workouts everyday since the 1st of the month, I am truly proud of myself. Procrastinating was and is still one of my biggest flaws: I got great … More Dear Diary


Here we are again: another Sunday. It’s the last week of April and I hope things have changed for the better in your life all this month. As you can see around the world, it’s been hard to watch all the negative things happening. The pandemic continues to do a number on a lot of … More RECHARGE!