Facing Facts*

Another day on the land, lets all give thanks. We’ve reached another Monday, I am truly thankful for everyone’s life today. Sleep in peace to those who have not made it to see this new day, we remember you now and forever. The motive of today is facing facts. It is time we understand the … More Facing Facts*


There’s no time like the present. There’s not better time to love yourself. There’s no better time to get rid of the things that are not meant for you. There’s no better time to embrace your essence. There’s no better time to demanded more for your life. There’s no better time to change changeable situations. … More Present*

Motivational Week*

Good morning and happy Sunday Folks. This week is going to be strictly about staying motivated or increasing your motivational drive for a better life. This week we will be touching on the 4 aspects of life: mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Starting tomorrow, I will making motivational posts that have to do with each … More Motivational Week*

Dear Diary

Waking up looking at the time and asking myself is today the day I quit. Is today the day I disappear? Is today the day where life takes a turn for the better? Is today the day I meet the love of my life? Is today the day a random check for a million dollars … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

I’ve reached a new low that I am not trying to stay at any longer…. I’ve tried with life but nothing but misery seems to company it so I am keeping to myself now. My excitement for my birthday has died down… my thrill for a new chapter in my life is almost nonexistent but … More Dear Diary

Dear Diary

i am through with arguing with people, there’s no point. Constantly having to stand up for your respect is not only tiring but also annoying. i trust no one now. time after time you realize that if they don’t have your best interest now, they won’t in the future. Some will even fake rock with … More Dear Diary

Mental Freedom

Free. Free from mental bondage brought on by how I felt about certain people. I can now say that I am over feeling down about the way people have treated me. I wish nothing but the best for the males who took me for granted and the females who couldn’t be who they say they … More Mental Freedom

Dear Diary

The most important thing is to be happy in the skin you are in… so easily discouraged by the pace of my life: I need to cut that out. It’s one thing to sit and talk about changing yourself for the better, you actually have to do the work. Life isn’t easy but it is … More Dear Diary

Truth be told.

I know sometimes the way I talk is a problem; dealing with constant stupid shit, eventually you stop caring. You stop holding regard for other people’s feelings because you’re tired. Tired of the ill-treatment, the abuse, the disrespect, and the politics. Do you think I act the way I do for no reason? There’s always … More Truth be told.


Tired is an understatement, you give your all to everything that is you and still somehow fall short. How is this even possible? Is good not good enough? I have to be this excellent person. I have to be the type of person who doesn’t care and continues to bend over backwards for others. I … More CONFESSIONS

Dear Diary

I keep saying to myself : apply yourself to supply your wealth, the only limitations you’ll ever have is those you place upon yourself. Like forreal…. you gotta get up and get it! That’s the only way your pockets are going to expand exactly like GLC said on Kendrick Lamar’s song “Poe mans dream.” It’s … More Dear Diary

Past tense*

It’s hard to let go of something you wanted so bad,Just another lesson learned, but it still makes me sad.Heart cold like winter nights,Love lost like summer days,Reminiscing on us as a bitxh in a daze.What could have been will never be now,Smiles slowly rest into frowns,If only things were different,If only we were different,But … More Past tense*