Today’s post poses the question: do you truly seek forgiveness? We all fall short in certain areas in our life and asking someone of forgiveness is inevitable as humans. No one is perfect, that’s for sure. What is forgiveness? When you ask someone to forgive you what are you really expecting them to do? What … More Forgiveness.


Grand Rising everyone. It’s a new month and a new week to apply yourself to supply your wealth. April was rocky but yet I accomplished some of the goals I had in place for last month. It’s crazy how much change can happen in your life when you are focused. With that being said, let’s … More #MAYTAKEOVER


Here we are again: another Sunday. It’s the last week of April and I hope things have changed for the better in your life all this month. As you can see around the world, it’s been hard to watch all the negative things happening. The pandemic continues to do a number on a lot of … More RECHARGE!

Stay Sharp

Grand Rising Folks! It’s a new week of opportunity, so let’s seize them! As we look around the world shit is crazy right now. A lot of people are losing hope, causing problems, trying their best, and making the right steps towards their future. Ford has on us restrictions again: only thing is it’s worst … More Stay Sharp

Focus: New week.

Grand rising ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new week. Remember that all the time and effort you put into now will determine what your life will look like 3-5 years from now, so take the action now. I’ve changed the rules to 90/20: work for 90 minutes on bettering your life then instead of taking … More Focus: New week.

another week!

Grand rising folks and welcome to a new week. I will start by saying: thank you to the heavens for allowing us to see another Sunday morning, sleep in peace and bless those who didn’t make it to this far; we are thankful regardless. We have been given another chance to be great by waking … More another week!

Weekly Vibes.

Happy Sunday Folks, it’s a new week so let’s give it all we’ve got. Stop running from or holding back your full potential; you’ve got this. It’s a new month also for us to reach the goals we tend to put off. For those who are still not working, a change will come for you … More Weekly Vibes.


Good morning folks and welcome to a new work day. If you are not working, I pray your situation changes soon so we all can eat. If you are working, stay safe and try to have a productive work week. A new week brings many things in store of us. Try tackling something new this … More Survived.

Its a new day!

I just want to start by saying: thank you for another Sabbath day. It’s been an up and down week but nonetheless, I am grateful for life. Every day is a struggle when you’ve based your life around people and their opinions; free your mind. Give thanks for the fact that the eyes of your … More Its a new day!

Mood: sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I don’t know about you guys but it’s been a trying week for me: nothing but downs all week. Nonetheless we are going to push forward into this new week with more hopefulness. Whatever it is that you are dealing with at this moment in time, just know that things can get … More Mood: sunday