We’ve made it to 200 follows! Thank you for all the support and love! It’s been a challenging road but I am truly thankful for you all sticking with me during this! More content coming soon: videos and more podcasts. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend! Stay safe, stay focused, and stay … More 200!

Podcast preview!

More surprises! I got a little preview for you guys of my “Stoned Blows” podcast. Just a little rant in life lessons while I was high, tipsy, home alone, and bored lol. Roll up or grab a drink and check out the preview on my stoned blows page. Of if you’re lazy like me, click … More Podcast preview!

Upcoming Updates!

Happy Monday folks, everyone stay safe and warm today: it’s a cold morning. I hope you guys are ready to take on all the new exciting things that are about to happen in your life. First, you gotta claim it! Claim your blessings and own your magic. I have some upcoming projects I will be … More Upcoming Updates!

Appreciation Post!

It’s Sunday and I want to start this week off with a little appreciation. I would like to thank each and every person who comes on, reads, likes, and comments on my website. It’s been a privilege to be able to connect with you all. Regardless of what lead you to this blog, I’m thankful … More Appreciation Post!

Dear Diary

I’ve decided that if God spares my life to see my 33rd birthday and I’m not married, I will either adopt or hit up a sperm bank to have a kid. I don’t know if I’ll ever find real love but what I do know is I want a child. To teach him or her … More Dear Diary

Intro : King Bee.

Alright! Welcome to a whole bunch of mixed emotions. I just want to start by saying I am NOT promoting being a pathological liar! I am just acknowledging that it’s time that I lived in my truth and leave the stories behind me. Now I know you’re wondering what is this blog going to be … More Intro : King Bee.