Another Experience.

Lying awake in the early hours of the morning, I had stumbled upon a few reels on Instagram about “angel numbers.” People we’re going back and forth in the comments about how they’ve been seeing them more often and also how they’ve been noticing some things about their life now. Paranormal and energy related things. … More Another Experience.


Today’s post poses the question: do you truly seek forgiveness? We all fall short in certain areas in our life and asking someone of forgiveness is inevitable as humans. No one is perfect, that’s for sure. What is forgiveness? When you ask someone to forgive you what are you really expecting them to do? What … More Forgiveness.

The Full Truth

Rip the band-aid off, I was a catfish and I’ve been cat-fished. The Catfish. I’ve used someone else’s picture to holla at men. ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. It profited me very well because it gave me a sugar daddy that for a while was paying for any and everything I needed. For example: my champagne birthday … More The Full Truth


Inhale. Summer right before ninth grade is when it started. I used to be the kid who would tell everyone all the negative things about smoking weed. How ungodly it is. The effects to your body and mind. Basically any information I could use to turn people away from smoking weed because that’s all I … More Herb.

A Half Lie

Is this love? A Half-lying story If you guys haven’t already heard, I grew up in a strict christian home. Church EVERY Saturday. For those wondering why Saturday, it’s because I’m SDA aka. Seventh-Day Adventist. We believe in God and worship on Saturdays. Isn’t it obvious my first love would be a little christian boy? … More A Half Lie

The Bad Guy…

so what are you going to say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me? … Here lies the body of a loud, rambunctious yet kind-hearted woman who wouldn’t treat me the way I treated her…Here lies the woman who always gave people the benefit of the doubt even when her gut told her they … More The Bad Guy…


Mary Jane. She’s the one thing that’s always in your corner when you need the support. I started smoking when I was young but the “stoner” title didn’t really fit me until a year later. I realized that I could use this plant as mental support for all the things that trouble my mind. It … More PRECIATE IT!