Can You blame her?

can you blame her for wanting a change? for wanting more for herself? for speaking up? for keeping her distance? for the anger she feels? for the sadness she shows? I don’t. can you blame her for realizing her potential? for realizing she’s worth more? for cutting you off? for improving herself? for staying by … More Can You blame her?

Past tense*

It’s hard to let go of something you wanted so bad,Just another lesson learned, but it still makes me sad.Heart cold like winter nights,Love lost like summer days,Reminiscing on us as a bitxh in a daze.What could have been will never be now,Smiles slowly rest into frowns,If only things were different,If only we were different,But … More Past tense*

Poetry Week!

I was supposed to make this post on Sunday but got too busy over the weekend. This week is all about poems and spoken words that have truly stood out to me. I’ll be dropping some Ive written, some people I know have written, and also the ones I’ve come across in life that truly … More Poetry Week!


used, abused, and misused I’m a victim of the blues, my life seems to be in ruins, and I’m left with no clues. Kiss goodbye the old me, welcome the new, it’s hard in these streets, in case you never knew. So tired of the games, fake love and the lames, you fight for what’s … More VICTIM

Who am i?

I’m just trying to figure out who I am, living life day by day, always finding myself in a jam. Who am I? What should I do? I keep asking these questions, but I have no clue. Restless and ready to give up, cheers, as I pour more into my cup. Woe is me, woe … More Who am i?