King Bee.

Born In Canada.


“Yin and Yang” is the best way to describe me: the wild and the mild side. Who you get depends on my mood, or simply you as a person. So this is me: Rebecca with two types of personalities.

Meet Billy.

“The positive side.” The book worm who loves helping other people. Always ready to crack a joke, or sing on the top of my lungs at any random moment. The science lover who loves to research anything under the sun; from conspiracies to how the brain functions the way it does (still no concrete answer.) She loves poetry, she’s a KING at tetris, and surprisingly: classical and frequency music are two her top 5 types of music to listen to.

Meet Becca.

“The negative side.” She’s the firecracker. The LIFE OF THE DAMN PARTY! Code name : Rachel. Watch out! She bites; hard. Unfiltered and sometimes unapologetic with the words that come out of her mouth. She loves to dance (ROAD WE SEH), she loves Mary Jane, her favorite drink is Jack Daniels, and she loves to debate; or like everyone likes to say “argue.” Little to no patience, only focused on money, and to top it all off…. she’s the KING of COCK-BLOCKING! Yes I said it, I will remove your hands off my friends without an hesitation… don’t nobody want your stank ass… ANYWAYS. Come turn up with the TT queen, just stay on her good side cause she’s a got claws. [insert horoscope]