Dear Diary

Why is it that people tend not to listen me ?

Forget about my delivery for a sec, let’s actually talk about it… I am speaking facts to you and yet still you don’t listen. You continue to do you but when the thing I was trying to warn you about happen- now you want my shoulder to lean on?

I’ll give it to you nonetheless because my heart is bigger than my brain, but I will say I told you so.. I am truly not trying to be an ass but I DID try to save you, I DID try to give you a heads up, so I Will say my piece. Always the bad guy but have you ever stopped to ask why? Why is it that my reaction is an issue? Why is it that even though I’ve never been in love, you can’t take my relationship advice? Why when I complain about a job, no one listens until someone else does? Experience doesn’t necessarily mean smarts: sometimes another person can see through a clear mind what you can’t with a clouded one.

This time I will keep my mouth shut. This time I will keep my facial expressions at bay. I stopped talking or making myself known at work because I am always the “aggressor.” People have gotten upset because I have told them I do not want to hear anymore about their problems. I have my own, only difference is…. no one wants to listen to mine.

So ima stay quiet while God heals my heart, mind, and soul. I am DONE being painted as the:

“Mad Black Woman”

[Bee signed out]

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