Space to elevate.

why doesn’t the world seem to understand that sometimes I just cannot deal. I cannot handle my emotions all the time so sometimes I need time to myself. It’s not you- it’s truly me.

I get like that sometimes.

So caught up in my own emotions I don’t want to be around other humans. I can’t handle the pressure of multiple personalities clashing with my own. I can’t handle you being so happy when my whole world seems to be caving in on me.

It’s too much.

I need space.

It might be hard to understand as my friend, family member, or partner but this is something I can’t turn off. My soul wants what it wants and sometimes it’s to be alone. Collecting my thoughts, going over my past situations, or simply staring into the darkest corner of my pitch black room. Idk, but your anger towards my distance is not needed. What I NEED is understanding. What I NEED is space. What I NEED is support.

I can not explain my mental health, it confuses me as well: one minute everything is fine the next I am ready to ended it all. The work of putting my mental health back in order is a gruelling one, so give me time. I apologize in advance for my distance but it is detrimental to my health if I continue down the path I might be at – so again I need time and space.

I will be back to my outgoing introvert self soon.

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