One More Day

*exhales deeply*

We’ve made it another week folks! Time has really gotten away from me but nonetheless I continue to try.

Try to improve myself, try to improve my loved ones, and trying to improve my situations. All we can truly do is our best. I’ve told myself a few times in the last two weeks: “ if anything bad can happen it will,” and it’s BEEN happening. Late on bills, behind on other bills, struggling to enjoy the fruits of my labour and also dreading it. Putting myself out there to people who mean me no good. Biting my tongue even though I know what is happening is not right. *sighs* Always telling God: “ I see what you be doing for others….” Although, even through the madness, I am still thankful to have life. Thankful for the breath my sighs make. Thankful for the views my eyes lay upon. Thankful for another chance to change my circumstance.

The world seems to have taken the very air we intake for granted and I want to remind us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made. To experience the unimaginable or create the unachievable . Let this week be a wake up call to striving for more. Let this new week be the stepping stone we need for greatness. Let this new week be filled with peace and compassion: not just to others but also when it comes to ourselves.

I hope this week is a week of calm and collective moves that will increase our well-being. I hope this week will re-examine how blessed we truly are. For those in the dumps right now, remember “this too shall pass.” All those storms will soon bring sunshine and new perceptive. All those trials will soon become victories.

Let us have a mentally healing week folks! I know it’s hard to get up everyday and be positive; I struggle myself, nonetheless let this be our mission. Changing the dynamics in our lives to vibrate more positively. Happy Sunday! 💫

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