Dear Diary

I realize now that I am better off alone and I am not talking about a relationship. Lately I’ve been spending time by myself just enjoying my own company. People say they see no change in me but I beg to differ: no longer do I miss out on having fun because no one wants to come and no longer do I care for the latest gossip because my mind is at peace. I don’t even conserve my money, I make sure everything is paid then I’ll enjoy my time with whatever I have left. We all wanna live the good life but focus all our energy on “hustling.” Make all that money and die before you get a chance to live it up with it. NOT ME, each day I will try a little better; live a little. Experience things Ive held off on doing simply to work around other peoples schedules. Don’t get me wrong: the friends I do have left are cool folks, I am just finally at a point where I am my greatest friend.

& I fucking love it.

[Bee signed out]

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