Colour me Imperfect

everyone makes mistakes, it’s the one who can acknowledge their faults and change that’s the wisest. “Colour me imperfect

Yes, I may not look the best

Yes, I may not have a lot of money or gifts

Yes, I may not have a high self-esteem

Yes, I may not have the perfect life

But I make it work. I understand my short comings and can’t let my fears stop me from living. I can’t let their words stop me from living. Character building and self-love is a lifelong commitment.

Yes, I’ve said and done some mean things.

Yes, I’ve made some bad decisions.

Yes, I’ve sold myself short.

But I am a work in progress. Healing and enlightenment takes time: regardless of what anyone says. Just like character building, it’s a commitment to improvement. It’s a decision to change the course of your life for the better and there’s no better time than now. Black Sherif said, “ of course I f-cked up, who never f-cked up hands in the air.” For real, I would like to see a show of hands who has never made a mistake- small or big. Does that mean you’re a terrible person? No. There’s always a chance for redemption. Change yourself for the better and watch your surroundings do the same. It begins with YOU!

Below is the song that also inspired this post. Check it out and tell me how you feel. ⬇️

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