The Bigger Person

What does this even mean?

Okay, I get it: sometimes you shouldn’t stoop down to the level people are on-yes but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to correct someone’s place. You are entitled to your feelings, my guess is: how you portray it can be a problem. We should never have to be silence on abuse or disrespect!

That does NOT mean a person can’t be still put in their place. This does NOT mean what they did was acceptable. Being the bigger person shouldn’t be out being silent it should be about teaching people understanding. Help them understand where you are coming from, if they chose to not listen, then by all means just be silent.

There’s a Jamaican proverb: those who can’t hear, will feel.

Very true! If they don’t care to hear you out then they shouldn’t care when you stop interacting with them: not always the case. People tend to have the AUDACITY to be upset by your response to their actions, which makes absolutely ZERO sense to me. So forget this “bigger person” analogy: speak your mind but in a way of understanding. If they don’t wanna listen, FUCK EM! There is way more things that need your attention in this life, other than someone who couldn’t careless about your feelings. So move on!

That’s my point for this post: MOVE ON! Leave the ignorance in the past and continue to do you! Focus on the joys in life, not the unnecessary issues. Remember we have only one life to live, let’s focus on the parts of it that matter.

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