As she looks out at the world she can see beauty in many things:

  • beauty in a storm
  • beauty in pain
  • beauty in the scars we bear
  • beauty in our consequences
  • beauty in a dreadful mirror

The joys of life can be seen all around us-if only we stopped and took the moment to take in it all. Welcome to a New Week! Let’s begin this week again by saying “thank you” for life.

Even through the pain, the tears, the downfalls, and hard times. Even through the struggle, the enlightenments, and the questionable moments. We will remain thankful for life. Sleep in peace to all those who haven’t not made it to see this day. Let’s not see their departure as a sad time but rather a glorious transition.

Only thing that is sure in this life is death.

Seize each moment. Take the risk! Step out your comfort zone while you still can. I always say: to see the change you want in the world, you have to be the change. Let’s take charge of our lives this week! Let’s conquer our fears this week! Let’s remember to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Happy Sunday folks! Let’s make it a great week!

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