Are you comfortable?

Living this lie or maybe it’s your truth…. Truth is: you don’t care that your miserable or heartbroken. You couldn’t careless if you haven’t showered in days. It doesn’t bother you that you’re sinking deeper and deeper into depression: it’s comfortable. Comfortable in the way things are, comfortable with the bare minimum, and comfortable feeling the way you feel. Trust me, I know! If you really wanted to lose that weight, you would have gotten up by now. If you truly wanted to make something out of yourself, you would have made the steps to reach those dreams. If you ACTUALLY believed you deserved better, you wouldn’t be still in a loveless relationship. I understand completely.

You’re comfortable.

Is this how you saw your life playing out? Are these the stories you want to tell your grandchildren? What happened to your ambition? What happened to you? The person you see in the mirror is not who you thought you’d be. You tried everything not to become this person but here we are: staring at the person you denied happiness. Staring at the bags under your eyes and the sadness hidden in your smile. Staring at the result of being too comfortable with settling.

I wish you’d get uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable with the mistreatment of your feelings. Uncomfortable with the way you are living. Uncomfortable with your job, your car, your bank account; uncomfortable with your partner, your friends, and even family members. Uncomfortable with the lack of ambition you feel, uncomfortable with the decline in your health, uncomfortable with crying yourself to sleep at night. I wish you’d just say I’m done feeling comfy in my misery and my doubts.

I’m done acting like I’m okay with people treating me wrong or me treating myself wrong.

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

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