Life is okay.

Happy Sunday Folks!

We are slightly back, it’s been a hot minute since I was fully active on here! I am definitely going to bring back the real shit we always talk about… so let’s start. I just wanna start by saying thank the heavens for life! Thank you lord for allowing us to see another day, thank you for the lives that are no longer with us, and thank you for the lives that are joining us! Trials and tribulations really show you strength, it brings you out of that comfort zone that forces you to tap into another side of ourselves. So, no matter what I will give thanks!

Now I’m not saying life is going well, but it’s going okay. There are many things I could be going through that I am not so I wanna say thanks. I wanna give thanks to those who have stuck by me during this time and the times before. It’s not always easy loving and supporting someone who has mental health issues but we push through nonetheless. So I pause to say: there is more than what meets the eye. You have more in you than you or anyone gives you credit for, let’s tap into that energy! Let’s claim the beauty we aspire for in our lives. Let’s push towards those goals we have yet to acquire. Let’s remember we were fearfully and wonderfully made with the impression that we could do GREAT things!

So folks, as the new week begins and just as the holidays call for: let’s remember to cherish the moments we have and the people we love. Remember to live with purpose and ambition. I can only speak for myself but I believe there is more than this life we are living now, so my mission is to live eternally free.

  • I appreciate you
  • I love you
  • I need you here with me
  • I believe in you
  • I understand you
  • I am here for you

The words we long to hear but rarely do: understand you are worthy though- Regardless. I pray for healing and strength this week for each and everyone of you, may our steps be guided to victory this week! Let’s all become physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially free!


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