Dear Diary

I gotta stay away from what isn’t deserving of me or what does bring me closer to my goals. I gotta stop putting all my faith in others and not God. I gotta leave behind the self-doubt, the negative thoughts, and my impatience. To live the life I want, I must change the life I am living now… even if I have to go down this journey alone, I am up for it… I’ve seen friends, family, coworkers, even strangers disrespect me that I know don’t care to be by myself. This year I’m doing was good for MY health: focused on myself and those I love. Usually I’d say those who love me but sometimes in life- even though they love you, doesn’t mean they are good for your health! It’s a long road to true happiness and it’s a trip I gotta take on my own.

Good luck future self!

[Bee signed out]

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