Dear Diary

For the first time I truly believe that a man might actually almost love me. Like the real L-word! It’s the way he talks, the way he holds onto my every word, and the way he understands where I’m coming from. No debates, he humbly obliges .. sadly, I’m thinking of the future. That’s what I notice the world forgets about: we are dating these people to build a future together in the end. Yea, sometimes things don’t work out but the end goal of dating is always the same: forever. Forever is a long time. I want children and he doesn’t… moving on two different wavelengths, we are sadly not a match. I have love will probably always but we just want different things. THIS IS OKAY. So why do I feel like I’ve lost out on my probably only chance? I mean, hear me out…. I do not have the best luck with relationships. Still single and have been my whole life, so what do I do? Settle simply because someone is falling in love with me? Is that enough though? Sacrificing what you want for what is available now is NEVER an option. You have to find someone who is on the same wave as you or resentment will settle in… I don’t want that for us… so with that I say: thank you but no thank you. Thank you for considering me for your love. Thank you making me finally feel heard. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. Thank you for it all but we can’t go further. I’m sorry.

[Bee signed out]

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Steven Sharma says:

    For almost 2 years of my university, i used to see kopal lituariya , hiding. 3rd year and i became confident enough to talk to her. We became friends but she was more than a friend for me. She was my true love.

    One day , she stopped replying me. Being worried, i called her, tried hard to contact her.
    Next day she messaged me, ” You are so irritating, you can leave”
    Then how am i , you can see my blog articles 🙂🙂🙂

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