Dear Diary

It’s a hard one today… not simply because death is hard but because life is hard… life happens and we just roll with the punches. Everyone grows up and moves onto different milestones and the time spent lessens as the years go on… This year I’ve lost some people who we real close, I mean growing up experiencing life together close… it’s hard…. Yes we could have done more to keep in contact but life is hard… yes we all wish things were different but life is hard… my regret is simply not telling you thank you… my regret is not explaining to you what your presence actually meant to be all those years ago.. I was young… shy… poor.. and struggling from mental abuse… I was being taken advantage of and made fun of for the things I did or didn’t have… but you and your circle of friends still welcomed me in.. showed me the ropes even tried to help me out wi my first crush… defended me and help me find my voice…. fast friends turned into classmates as we entered grade 8: a year which we single handedly took for ourselves! I know you’re gone and it’s too late but thank you J.J… if it wasn’t for you I’d probably would have never gotten fully out of my childhood depression. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have learned to laugh loud and fight back! Thank you for being unapologetically you! I pray the heavens guide you and I hope you are finally at peace… I didn’t know you were going through so much and I wish I could have returned the favour….. Idc how long it’s been… I’m hurt. Till we meet again, Rest In Peace.

[Bee signed out]

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