Today’s A New Day!

Good Morning World, it’s a new day and a new week- let’s give thanks for making it this far!

Sleep in peace to those who could not be here with us today and blessings to all those fighting to stay, always in our thoughts and prayers. Nineteen days into the last month of the year and life wasn’t trying to give no one a break. Lost a few good people this year and I just want to take the time to say: I love you and I will miss you.

As we wrap up this year let’s remember to stay focused on the tasks we still need to complete. The goals we still want to achieve and the efforts we still want to give. Don’t lose sight of everything you did this year for yourself! Don’t let your guard down simply because the year is done-people always want to come back around during holidays. Now is the time to set those new year goals and this time ACTUALLY stick to them. It’s time we truly took the initiative to set our lives on a straight and profitable track. It’s time we focused on building a stable mentality. It’s time to start taking back our lives!

This week let’s focused on all we did this year: what could we have changed? What do we want to see more of? or less of? Reflection is a great tool used in planning ahead. I hope this week everyone stays safe, stays focused, and enjoy the time they have with loved ones. Tomorrow is not promised so now is the time to getting started on the right path. NOW is the time to get rid of the energy around you that brings you down. NOW is the time get started on those fitness/wellness goals. NOW is the time to draw closer to religion!

We only get on chance at this, so let’s live life to the best of our ability and with no regrets!

Happy Sunday Folks! Have a wonderful week ✨

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