MASTER [Short Story]

What is this energy in the air? This switch of dynamics that she truly wasn’t prepared for: I mean how many people can actually say that they run a human being-not a business?

On a cool August evening, she sat alone at home wondering if her time will ever going to come. A time when she can finally say that she has found someone: the one maybe? She tried her luck one last time on a dating app and this time- to her- was just like the last times. A pollution of messages from admirers stepping up one by one to capture her heart and mind; now what do you think happened? Well, the usual-she made her decision on which to respond to by using her usual preferences for a partner. This time, she opened the pool to guys that may have been missing one or two from the list of characteristics that she wanted in a man and decided to just go for it. Now the the story begins…

After hours of replying and searching through men, he sent her a message. “Ooooh, good opening” she said, intrigued by how he made such a simple message stand out over hundreds: inquiring minds wanted to see more-learn more. Who is this man? She stared at his profile for more than ten minutes, wondering to herself: is this enough? He lacked two things she wanted but made up for them by being so firm and specific about everything he typed to her, was this all just a plot to get the girl or was he really this well-spoken? She needed more to make an accurate decision, so she humored him and herself by continuing the conversation. After a few days of daily-hourly conversations, she realized that it was the latter-he was truly well-spoken and he also knew exactly what he wanted and how he would go about getting it; very sexy.

Things were going great between the two of them and they finally decided to meet up. The day arrives and she’s nervous because it was during a time were she was not feeling her best but decided if he’s here for the long haul he’s going to have to be able to handle her at her worst in order to benefit from her at her best. She drove that hour long drive to see the man who has a way with words, something that unfortunately was her downfall: she’d get so caught up in how a man spoke to her that she’d brush aside how we actually treated her. In an attempt to avoid a situation she has found herself in several times, she masturbated before leaving to meet him just so she couldn’t get the urge for some touchy-feely movements. She arrives at his place and is greeted by a somewhat stranger-let me elaborate- he was thicker and shorter than she thought he was. It slightly through her for a loop but because he was still mostly himself, she decided to give it a chance and just go with the flow of the night. As they got comfy in the apartment, the air was tense with awkward and nervous energy- the were only meeting for the first time so this she deemed a natural situation. He decided the best way to get over that initial tension was to roll a few blunts to level us out, she had no issues with this seeing as she was already thinking in her mind that she needed to roll a joint to relax herself.

It worked: the jokes started flowing the same way it flowed when they were simply texting each other, the chemistry grew as they realized they liked most of the same artists, and the energy in the air shifted to comfortability and happiness as they sat back watching shows that they had in common. The night went on without any issues and she then decided that she was going to forget her own preferences and try something new with this guy after today. There was something about him that was so chill and down to earth that she knew they’d always have a good vibe and time together, she had to keep him around-for now. They continued to talk every day and decided to meet up again so quickly after the first time, they had both had such a great time and was ready to hang out again. She drove the hour-long drive again and this time she came looking better than before. Just by her preparing herself to look a certain way that day was already enough to predict how the evening was going to go: the energy was now flirtatious. She arrived on a rainy Saturday night-horrible because she had freshly flat-ironed her hair- and he met her outside to help reduce her getting too wet: how sweet. She made her way into the freshly cleaned apartment and was taken over by the way it smelled: mmm… men cologne, her weakness. Turn on number 1: activated. She smiled as he gave her a hug and told her she looked great, removing her jacket from her hands and placing it on a chair. There waiting around the corner are two rolled blunts ready to be smoked, turn on number 2: activated.

The night when on friendly and normal until the alcohol started to hit a little harder than earlier in the day: he had been to the barber today and took a fresh shower before I arrived so he looked and smelled like heaven. She drew closer to him as he lit number 6 on the freshly rolled blunts, his hands slowly rested on her thighs and began a gentle rub while he puffed away. She stared at him as he watched the TV, letting her eyes wander and take in the detail of the man that sat beside her: “why am I thinking, why do I have the urge to kiss him?” she said to herself. Does he read minds? He turns to past her the blunt and makes a slight movement of his head first before passing it, she realizes what he’s implying and leans in to give him a kiss. Shockwaves, uh oh… this is not a good sign. His lips were soft and moist, his kiss was gentle but precise, he passed the blunt with a smile as she sat there distraught by what just happened. “No no no no no…. you just met him, don’t get all sensitive now,” she yelled to her subconscious mind, ” we are only going to be here for another hour or two, then we out… can’t get caught slipping with these men,” she assured herself silently. Little did she know, it was too late…

Time flew by because when you are having a good time you don’t really watch the clock, it was now the AM and she didn’t like driving drunk so she decided she had to spend the night. They laid on the couch watching movies and cuddling each other close as they continued to smoke the night away. His hands started to creep to more sensitive areas on her body and she didn’t necessarily deny him, she just made sure he didn’t touch anything she wasn’t ready for him to touch. His tongue trailed circles along her neck and earlobes-turn on number 3: activated, she allows him to reposition himself on top of her to get a better access to her neck; this man knows what he’s doing. “Well, now I’m horny.. I forgot to masturbate like a dummy and now I’m thinking of his thick fingers circling my walls,” she said again to herself. He started to kiss lower down her body with his hands following close behind his lips, she was a little skeptical but it felt so damn good that she couldn’t really resist. In one oxymoron moment: quickly but slow he took off her pants and underwear; whoa… dude slow down, who even said she wanted things to go that far? A slight annoyance settles in her body and just as she’s about to page the action, she feels his fingers and tongue slide across her private area and her mind is lost-lost in the feeling of euphoria, she had no clue that he even gave oral sex. Again, he knew exactly what he is doing: he was good, he was gentle, he wasn’t scared to dive full face in-a monster. Her moans increased in volume as she stared down at this crazed man seemingly devouring her whole, “who’s mans is this?” she stressed to herself. “Tell me what you want,” he says to her, so out of focus she offers him no response, just the same moans leaving her lips. “Tell me what you want,” he says to her again.. “I want you to stop talking,” she replies with a side of attitude. “Ooooh, yes master.” he replied.

Master? Did this man really just call her master? Does he realize what type of door he will open if he’s being serious about that name? This woman will ruin your whole life in one moment, and that can be a negative or a positive thing. She did also like the fact that he called her that: she felt in charge and also felt that maybe now a guy will actually listen to her instead of just doing what they want. They had sex for the first time that morning and it was not what she expected- this is not necessarily a bad thing just a new thing for her. His body was different from the others she has seen up close, it took some getting use to during the night but she figured it out. The activities he wanted to get into where some of thing she’s never experienced until that very night; he was one kinky motherfucker. They met up again that month and this night is the night that changed everything: she walked into that apartment ready to be fucked the way she wanted for the first time. Many blunts, shots, and bites of food later: her caged sexual deviant was ready to appear, tonight she might actually climax for the first time since she started having sex. He started with his gentle caresses and kisses along her body, he then jumped right into spreading her legs apart and dining on her flower earnestly. It was like it was his last meal and every single drop mattered, she was in deep lust. Master? You want to see a master? Listen closely and pay attention.

Filled with energy and excitement, she turned around putting herself into doggy-style position and grab his face to taste her from the back: “good boy,” she said as he humbly obliged her directions. Minutes later, they move into his bedroom for more space and more darkness: the shade of night to hide the shame of sexual actions. They spent hours in that room explore each other bodies. During that time she realize just what type of guy she was dealing with, a nasty one. He was super into really kinky thing that she wasn’t ready or willing to be apart of so she stuck to things she was willing to compromise on. He begged her to sit on his face and she did so gracefully, only until she was loving the feeling and started getting rough. “Can you breathe?,” she asked him. “Mhm,” he responded.. “Let’s do something about that,” she replied. She closed the gap between her thighs and his face, watching him struggle but still feeling his tongue moving. “Shut up,” she said as she moved her thighs apart to slap him. “Yes master,” he struggled to reply. She smiled at her obedient peasant, laughing an evil laugh on the inside- she was happy with her new found pet. He made sure not to miss a drop or be faced with an abrupt slap in the face: don’t you ever waste the gold that comes from a women’s body. She laid down with her legs angled high so he could slide into her overflowing fountain, she let out a groan as she felt him and reached up and grab his neck tight to show him approval of his stance. Master? Remember what you said boy. He tried to switch into a position more favorable to him, but was met with a spit hand slap: she had spit in her hand and slapped him across the face as soon as he moved, he was going to mess up her climax. Back to obedience, he had learned and went back to giving it to her just as she wanted it. Soon she finally let him enjoy himself: she moved her body the way he asked, she moved her lips and tongue the way he demanded, and she humbly obliged when he asked to be suffocated again. Such a good boy. Their disgusting session lasts hours each time. One specific night they didn’t stop until the sun was rising. She has a high libido and nine times out of ten, is never fully satisfied after one session. She likes rounds. She likes looking over and seeing that your manhood is still standing cause her well has yet to run dry. He’s the perfect peasant. So each time they meet up, she gets more aggressive and demanding-he listens each and every time: replying with a “Yes Master” or “I am your slave, whatever you want” or her favorite ” I’m here to serve you.” Yes, you filthy disgusting peasant, you are here to serve me and serve you will until I see fit. It’s finally her world, she lays in her bed laughing at all the men who are trying to talk back to her or get to know her. Sorry folks, she entered a new dynamic in her life and she’s kind of hooked. If more women had a man who is willing to fuck them the way they say they want to be fucked, you’d have a lot less “nagging” women in the world. You’d have a lot of women going above and beyond what you think they are doing now which is probably already a lot, but can you imagine if she’s being properly satisfied? The doors of wonders open up to a man who is properly servicing his woman’s vehicle. She knows what she’s doing is wrong and yes, eventually she is going to have to cut this whole thing out but in the meantime, she’s a master.

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