Weekly & Updates**

Here’s to a new week! Happy Monday Folks! I know I’ve been away from posting for a while so please excuse the amount of posts that will be coming for you this week! It’s been a crazy month and as the month raps up, let’s get into a few things.

First things first, sleep in peace to all those we’ve lost this yea, we pause to remember all the fallen….

Blessings to all of us who are still alive trying our best to live life joyfully. I know how sometimes we may not be feeling the best about life but I want us all to still be thankful that we HAVE life. We have another chance this week to truly grasp our goals and acknowledge our successes. We have another week to understand our shortcomings and failures but still continue to work on ourselves for the better. I pray this week we all find a boost to get through until next monday.

I’ve started a wellness/fitness journey on a new website that documents my journey to mental, physical, and social enlightenment. You can search for the site by typing in: Stella’s Wellness Journey or chubbygirljourney.ca. During this journey I will be promoting all the right steps to truly get the most out of your fitness and health. There’s so much more to just exercising and switching your diet that most people forget to include in their process. Why just look great when you can also feel great?

If you haven’t already been caught up, check out all the new episodes on my stoner podcast “Stoned Blows.” New episodes weekly and we don’t leave any stone unturned. Tap into real conversations about life and society with an added comedy twist. You can find more information on my “Stoned Blows” sub-page included on this website or search me up on anchor podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple/Google Podcast, or any streaming podcast platform.

I want to end this by saying thank you to everyone who’s been supporting my endeavors, your support is always appreciated! I love the fact that you guys allow me to be me and agree with some of my viewpoints. I will continue to be unapologetically me and give you guys the content that you orginally followed me for. Stay tuned: as the new year approaches, changes are upon us.

Let’s all have a wonderful Monday and a great safe week. To all my Canadians, please be careful on the roads as we begin our winter season! To everyone else worldwide, may the lord and his angels guide you on the roads as well! Let’s continue to keep changing the dynamics of life and become the first millionaires in the family.

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