Dear Diary

One of the worst things in life to happen to someone is falling back into the same pattern they worked so hard to break. You stood your ground and made the right steps to get yourself back to better standings in your own mind, but fell for it yet again. Fell for the mirage that was before you because the situation started off differently then the ones before. This time it was slower and more precise. The situation had fooled you into thinking it was a better one: a smarter one. Still, here you are right back at that old spot you where stuck at thinking how did this happen? How did you let your guard down so much so, that the situation has seeped right through the cracks of your shield? Blaming yourself you realize that the situation was just done more professional this time around… it was handled with more care. You let your guard down because you had no reason to be guarded: or so you thought. Now your stuck in said situation with the only thought on your mind:

How could I be so blind?

[Bee signed out]

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