Monday Again?

Great morning folks, we’ve made it another Monday; dreadful but lovely Monday.

You’re happy because you’ve made it to see another sunrise but at the same time you wish you were still in bed. What a bummer. Look on the bright side, you’re BREATHING! This is what we tend to forget, how something simple as breathing is such a true blessing. I know we all hate the dreadful Mondays that remind us of the bills that will need to be paid, the faces we don’t truly want to see, and the actions we don’t truly want to make. Nonetheless, we still do it because such is life. So why not be thankful at the same time for a life that many do not have. With that being said, sleep in peace to all the folks around the world that we have lost: we will not forget anyone of you regardless of the situation because life is precious and should be remembered. Thank you for the negatives or the positives you have taught us about life. I hope we all remember to be more appreciative towards the things we have and do not take for granted what could possibly be lost. As you start your day today, remember that you capable: capable of more than you can probably see for yourself in this present moment. Take charge of your life and take charge of your day. We’ve made it another Monday folks, let’s forget the haters and naysayers, forget the coulda-shoulda-woulda, and simply OWN the day. If no one has told you before, hear it from me: you got this, you just need to stay focused on what will truly make you happy and go from there. Don’t let the world dull your light and shine on this cold ass Monday morning.

After all, we only got one life to live… Save, invest, work on your health, but do NOT forget to live. Tomorrow is not promised, enjoy it while you still can lovelies.

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