Dear Diary

Things are finally starting to look up. Don’t get me wrong there are still some things I need to work on and fix but I can honestly write this: I am often in a better mood than normal. Singing, dancing, laughing loud- it’s been a while since I’ve felt so relaxed! Get this, the only thing that’s truly changed is the company that I’ve been keeping around me! Less stress and issues on my mind, less unnecessary problems or mixed emotions. I’m even talking to a guy that’s actually mad chill; don’t get me wrong that’s usually how they always are in the beginning but idk for some reason it feels different. He’s not exactly the type of dude I talk to and maybe that’s why it feels different. He’s a teddy bear and honestly so sweet, HE ALSO TEXTS BACK QUICK! Amazing! During work, before work, after work, when he randomly wakes up, when I’m asleep: he will text and I absolutely love it! He listens when I talk and he just makes me feel so comfortable. My only thing is he’s a little TOOOOOO kinky for me… Either way life has changed for the slight better…. the only two things that are truly missing is a better relationship with God and more money in my bank account.

All in due time though!

[Bee signed out]

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