Dear Diary

Why come back? Why turn around and try to talk back to someone you disrespected? Did you expect the person to forget the shit you put them through? I mean people do falter and go back to the poison of a situationship that they were in but I am not people. I don’t believe that the chances I gave made you realize what’s at stake. I don’t believe the words I spoke got through to you enough for you to want to change. I believe that you’re just horny, which can easily be solved with finding you a new person to torment. Actually no, I do not wish anyone to be tormented by you, I don’t wish for someone to experience the shit I did so I take those words back. I just wish you’d go find another person to scratch that itch and leave me to the healing I am almost done with. Why do people think it’s okay to come back after all that, just to see if I’m still stupid? To see if my self-esteem is still low enough for them to take advantage of me? Nah sah, I told myself that I’ve been through worst and said I’d never let this change me again, df you think is going to happen now? You are a figment of the past, a past that I no longer belong to: things have changed. Things have DRASTICALLY changed. Once upon a time I longed to be more to someone than what was given to me and I made myself get lost in the idea of love that I allowed men to treat me a certain way. Not anymore, so please take your messages and phone calls elsewhere. Take your likes and comments to another page. Share your memes and time with your loved ones and leave a bitxh alone. She’s moving on to bigger and better things. FOCUSED!

[Bee signed out]

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