Facing Facts*

Another day on the land, lets all give thanks.

We’ve reached another Monday, I am truly thankful for everyone’s life today. Sleep in peace to those who have not made it to see this new day, we remember you now and forever. The motive of today is facing facts. It is time we understand the facts at hand, life is what you make it- regardless if it is negative or positive. There comes a time in life when you have to realize that there are some things you cannot change in your life, but that does not mean you cannot build from that. Just because one scenario does not work for you does not mean that you should not try another. Trial and error.

Let’s face the facts of life: some things are not meant for us- the sooner you realize that, the better. Fall back like sevyn streeter said and re-evaluate what is truly meant for your life. I am not telling you that this will be an easy task but I will tell you that you will be a better person because of it; seriously. Too often we settle for what we think will benefit us in the long run, unbeknownst to us we are left feeling unfulfilled at the end of the day. Do you not want to feel more secure in life? Do you not wish for better days? Freeing your mind helps you to achieve these goals. Face the reality that life doesn’t always play out the way you plan. Face the fact that people won’t always have your best interest in mind. These things are okay; such is life, we are all humans and all have downfalls. Just continue to keep in mind that it is also YOUR life and YOU choose the routes you take. What is meant for another is not necessarily meant for you; another reason why I say don’t focus too much on how your life progresses.

We will not all experience the same milestones at the same time and we will all not have the same goals, so we should not be worried about where we are in life right now. Only time will tell. A phrase that has been said for centuries: let time determine your life and not the values of the world. Someone down on their luck can hit the lotto at any moment. You can be given a year to live and live to see 20 more. Be thankful. Remain humble. Live and love life.

I hope we all have a safe and uplifting Monday. The most stressful day of the week we are taking back over. Embrace a new start. There’s no time like the present to make a change like I said last Monday. Thank you for being simply you. Thank you for pushing through even though you are tired.

You are appreciated.

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