Self Talk*

Good Morning Folks!

As a part of my wellness program, every Wednesday I will be posting different mental health topics for us to go over and discuss. Today is about self talk: changing the way you speak and think of yourself.

People in general fail to realize how powerful words actually are, you can speak all types of negative or positive things into existence simply by speaking on it. You can damage your way view of persevering by how your mind thinks about things. We have to change our viewpoint to truly manage our stress levels, so let’s focus on that today. It’s time that we started to give ourselves more slack: understanding that hey “you are only human,” everyone makes mistakes. everyone loses their way sometimes. It’s time we remembered that there is always an opportunity for a new beginning.

Today I ask that we start the practice of self love. Let’s start talking about ourselves better: our looks, our lifestyle, and our mannerisms. You are beautiful. You are handsome. You are powerful. You are smart. You are capable of great things. You are worthy. You are fearless. You MUST learn to love the skin you are in: freeing yourself from what society deems as beautiful. You are capable of love. You are entitled to your feelings. You can achieve what you focus your mind and heart on. Remembering these things and constantly saying them when ever you feel your energy is weakest will help you gain the outlook you need to fulfill your destiny. Change starts from within: change your mindset, change your life.

Write down the things you love about your body. Write down the things that you admire about your character. Write down the things you can change in your life. Write down what you wish to see happen in your life. Write out the things you love about the world. Self-talk isn’t only about you, it’s about your surroundings also. People don’t realize how much an environment can have an affect on your mood. Clean your house, move around the furniture, add new items to your space. Make it YOU. Add your creativity to your space and see how well your attitude towards life improves. Displaying uplifting or goal-orientated words and image in your immediate space will help daily shift your energy to a positive one. Stare are yourself in the mirror and speak positivity into existence as you look into your own eyes. Remember it may be tough living, but life is still truly precious. The heavens can bless you with the ability to change your predicament but you have to be willing to make those steps.

So I ask that we remember to speak to ourselves with love and understanding: the same way we have the ability to treat a stranger with kindness, we should extend that patience to ourselves. Tapping back on that word: patience, it is key to transforming the mind of a high-level stressed out person to a more positive individual. Everyone falls short, let’s stop being so hard on ourselves for trying our best giving the situations we were placed into. Let’s stop believing that this is what we deserve. Let’s stop settling for less than we should be receiving. Let’s stop letting people treat us any kind of way, especially if we would never do them that way. Let’s stop beating ourselves up for trying to do what we thought was right and getting it all messed up. We are trying. YOU are trying. If no one recognizes it, just know that I do and I probably don’t even know who you are. Love yourself Queen. Love yourself King. Your best asset is your mind, use and train it wisely.

Today we are going to have a great day! Be kind to yourself.

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