You heard me: OWN IT! Own that shit ladies and gentlemen. People are entitled to their own opinion yes, BUT WHO THE HELL WANTS TO HEAR IT?! Own your essence! Haters are going to continue to have some extra ass shit to say about you but keep it pushing sis! As long as you know that you are a bad ass motherfucker to hell with what the rest has to say. You got to be “entuned with your star player” just like Kat Williams said. I am my own WCW. Pop smoke said in his song “shorty a little baddie” and I knew he was talking about me. I mean how can you not see this? Your biggest critic is yourself, so once you change your mindset on who you are… you slowly turn invincible.

I’ve been called plenty of names in my lifetime so far, words like: fat, ugly, broke, tar, piggy, and the list goes on. It used to hurt so bad and the bullying was the main reason why I was so quiet and nerdy when I was younger. Now? Say whatever you want because it doesn’t affect me anymore. Yes, I got a chunky body; need to fix a one two but nonetheless it still brings all the boys to the yard so HA! My face is BUTTERMILK! MY God doesn’t make no mistakes so I know my face was sculpted with precision and poise baby! Hate on because your skin doesn’t glisten in the sun like mine or that your lip-gloss is from the dollar store that’s why you can’t have those lips the dudes be talking about with their homies! Y’ALL KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Here’s to all the beautiful women and men who’ve doubted their beauty because of some hoe ass motherfucker who don’t know shit about shit had the nerve to make you question it. You are the baddest out there BOO! Keep stuntin’ on them haters and laugh knowing that their bae is in your dms. GOOD DAY!

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