The art of your spirit.


In all walks of life, give thanks for the journey. Although the battle might be a long and tedious one, in the name of the father: may we win the war! No matter who you may or may not believe, thank the heavens for your life and the lives of your loved ones. We all know that any day could be our last, so embrace the NOW.

How can one be more connected with the heavens?

Most people tend to only call on God when they fall on tough times and that my friends, is a downfall. You should talk to God daily, earnestly, and during the good times. Be thankful for your life, regardless of what state it is in because there are others who are feeling it harder. Now, I am not saying your trials and tribulations are smaller or less significant – I am saying that even during a tough times, there is still much to be thankful for. Something as simple yet NOT simple as waking up in the morning is a blessing. As much as you can see around the world people hate their jobs, but being able to work is a blessing.

Prayer keeps us all connected. Morning, afternoon, night, before food, before bed, before going on the road, or after you’ve came home are just a few examples of times you can talk to God. Read and understand the bible or the holy book of who you believe in: understand that the word of God is powerful! Use it in your daily lives to show the world what a mighty God you serve.

Your body is a temple: keeping your mind, body, and soul clean can also help bring you closer to the heavens. Treating others with love and compassion, keeping a clean environment, and control the negative emotions that have been placed on us because of sin. Remember, the mission is to see the pearly gates and live forever with the lord. While you are here: show others the way to eternal life, surround yourself with positive energies, and love all mankind. We all have sinned and came short of the glory of the heavens, but everyone has a chance to be forgiven. Repent for your past ways and embrace a new beginning. Spirituality isn’t just about faith, it also has to do with the energy you possess inside. Rid your heart and mind from all worldly possessions, focusing only on living a pure and just life. Align your chakras and clean out the energy draining people from your lives. There’s no time like the present to draw closer to the heavens, especially living in the world today. You are loved beyond measure; take charge of your destiny. ✨

Happy Sabbath to my fellow Seventh-Days!

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