The art of your mind


One of the most powerful organs any species possess: the brain. The mind. So uplifting but yet so damaging. What you feed it, feeds you. The task at hand is to hone in on that “mind power” and start making the positive changes to your life with positive thinking. The world believes in manifestation: what you constantly speak and believe, will eventually present itself. Determination and faith brings your dreams to life, but the issue is that many don’t know how to fully calm an unsettled mind.

While working for a new company, they held a program for new hires that included a session of meditation. That was the first time I’ve ever taken part in something like that; laying there trying to steady a chaotic mind was NOT easy. I listened to the woman director guide us through our meditation and giving us tips on how to rest our minds. Slowly her tips helped, I started to really focus on the main things that were plaquing my mind and getting rid of them. Metaphorically, of course. As an overthinker, mediation seemed like my toughest task: how the hell can I keep my dumb ass head quiet? I’VE BEEN TRYING! How can I focus on the “now?” I left the session hopefully but yet still not satisfied. Fast forward to April of this year, I attempted meditation again: this time it opened a new door way to the mind. The thing with humans is we are our own biggest critics: as much as we can say the world judges us, we also judge ourselves. We overthink the steps we’ve made, we start to second guess who we are, and settle for less than we deserve. The moment I started to speak better towards myself and the goals I wanted to reach, real changes started to happen for me. This can happen for you to, all you need to do is remember who you are: Mentally. Remember your goals. The more you speak negative toward yourself, the longer you will stay in the situation you are in. The first step in becoming more self aware and more confident is acknowledging what was setting you back in the first place. I have seen countless people step back from a moment simply because they siked themselves out: “I’m not hot enough, I’m not smart enough, I can’t do this.” All forms of mentally damaging yourself. Speak words of encouragement, strength, and belief in yourself: watch all the changes that happen for you.

Never be afraid to seek help! You are not a sicko, crazy, loony, or whatever these stupid people want to call people. You are human. You are someone who is loved, even if that love does not come from someone on earth. You are not unfixable and there is always hope for you to turn your life around for the better. The mind is a terrifying place to be when it’s not running smoothly and my thoughts and prayers goes out to anyone who has a troubled mind like myself. This is not the end for you: the place you are in now, I pray does not last forever.

Mental & Emotional Health


It’s never easy to control ones emotions, a simple slip in judgement can send someone off the rails. The key here is to learn how to control your emotions. Breathing exercises, getting to the root of the problem before exploding, or displacing compassion in the midst of chaos. We are all human and we all make mistakes, learning to deal with the emotional challenges in life will progress you further in life. There are a lot of situations I can look back on and see that the way I handle it was not the way it should have been handled. Instead of cursing: try to hear the other parties side and actually LISTEN to what they have to say. Instead of the violence: learn to cohabitate or simply distance yourself without adding more issues to the situation. Remain respectful, even when being disrespected. These things aren’t easy to do but they will benefit you in the long run. Understand the root of your feelings: why are you upset? why do you hate that person? why are you sad? what are you frustrated at? Narrowing down the basics of a problem, can help change the course of the solution to a more positive road. Emotional energy will always be the undoing of most people because we tend to react more on impulse. Your feelings are validated and you have the right to feel how you want, but remember there is always a more “zen” way to handle a situation.

My last point is this: don’t get your emotions fool you either. Holding onto unhealthy relationships with friends, family, lovers, or even in the workplace will NEVER benefit you in a good way. Yes, you may have a few good times or perks but in the end the result will always be the same: depressing. Giving people an energy they don’t deserve is draining: why bother going back and forth arguing when you can just end the conversation? why continue to cry on your pillow at night when you can leave him/her? why let your coworkers keep you from growing in the company with their negativity, when you can plot for your promotion in silence? Smile even when your not in a good mood, the biological side of it will make you feel better regardless. Express yourself in a clear way to successfully get your feelings heard AND understood.

Own your thoughts and emotions = own your future .

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