Dear Diary

I have a gift and a curse: my gift is I can see where the situationship is going to go with men wayyy ahead of time but my curse is I also still give them the benefit of the doubt.

How fun.

Like yeah…. lemme see if you’re worth it even though I already know you aren’t. Is it loneliness? Or stupidity? Maybe both? It’s crazy because a part of me also believes that I’m actually not ready to be someone’s girlfriend but instead I just want to be admired a little bit by a chocolate man …

Again, back at square one after holding onto a guy I KNEW already was no good. I mean he’s just like the guy who took my virginity last year: arrogant and disrespectful. The end result was going to be the same: so just like a bad habit, he is dropped.

Either you get a guy who is trying to love and respect you or you get a guy to pay your bills. Period. Idgaf who don’t like it.

[Frank signed in]

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