The art of your surroundings.


We don’t understand that socially our environment needs to change. We have to switch up the dynamic in our lives by taking care of the energy around us at all times. There’s so much to life that we don’t have to settle for people treating us less than or feeling down because of the view outside our window. The goal is to improve your surroundings. Reevaluating your life on a social stand point is key to survival. Through all walks of life you can see how this is demonstrated with all types of species: animals can either adapt to their surroundings or they will search for better. Although in the example animals adapt, I believe that is not an efficient way for humans. Having to sacrifice a part of yourself simply to adapt where you don’t belong is truly a waste of time.


The box we’ve created in our minds that this is how our life should be, the box that has us settling for less than we deserve, and the same box that although taught you many things, has also made you scared to step outside your comfort zone. Get rid of the negative energy that is interrupting your journey of life. That means friends, lovers, workplaces, and even family members who are not keeping you “sane.” Those friendships that are one sided, envious friends, friends who aren’t thinking the same way you are, friends who don’t push you to your goals, and friend’s only out for personal gain. Rid yourself of those mentally and physically abusive partners, the partners that never help you out, the partners that show no respect or compassion, and those that mean you no good. Forget about those workplaces that you hate going to every day, those bosses that never notice all your hard work, the coworkers that constantly gossip, and the leaders that lovvvveeee to talk down to you. Family members are a BIG one because people think that blood is an excuse to get away with disgusting behavior: my friends, this is NOT true. ANY ONE CAN BE CUT! Remember you heard it here. Blood, Water, Juice… you get where I’m going with this….ain’t nothing thicker than nothing. Anyone can treat you like you are nothing so don’t let a “status” confuse you into thinking you have to put up with it. The right circle and the right environment not only helps you reach your goals but it keeps your mind, body, and soul right also. Get yourself more entuned with nature, enjoying all the natural beauties this earth has to offer. I look around and see everyone so wrapped up in their phones, missing out on all the beauty in front of them. The fresh air, the ozone smell after it rains, fresh flowers, and flowing waters. Enjoy life while you still can folks.

It’s time you focused on life; socially.

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