Dear Diary

Stoned Blows…

Weed makes me think 3x as much about life. Anything that happens, when I smoke it just magnifies in my head. I’ll overthink more will high but then forget all about it. A never ending cycle of “the battle of the brain state: sober or high” I realize that the way I handle situations when I’m high is actually chaotic because I tend to careless. That chill vibe really comes into affect a different way when it comes to handling stuff. On the other than, you rely on the high to make the blows more softer. The pain more dull and less irritating. Who gives a fuck? Right? Every ting irie* Do you and I’ll do me. Simplicity while high.

I gotta learn to manage without the high but I hate being low. How do I cope?

[Bee signed out]

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