Dear Diary

Do people change?

I constantly ask myself this question because I want to believe they do but time has a way of showing me they don’t. You make a decision in your mind that someone does not deserve you anymore but yet a slight change in character has you rethinking, why is that? Are we blinded by a feeling that we once shared with said person, or are we simply too naïve? Okay. So you go back… You give that chance, a chance you normally never give. Things are still slightly the same. What now? As much as you want to say “screw this,” you can’t help how often they might still cross your mind. Getting over someone truly takes time, whether it’s friends, family, or lovers. It takes time to forget someone that more than likely left such a print in your “Book of life.” You know you should walk away but deep down you miss the connection you might have had. Sucks. The lesson here is: what about you? What about your needs? What about your feelings? As much as I can write from a third person kind of view, these are the questions I am asking myself. When do MY needs and feelings start to matter? When I put my foot down? When I stop putting my all into people? When I start living care-free? When I start yelling?

Nope…. It’s when I start loving myself. It’s when I start holding myself to a higher status. It’s when I realize my own beauty. It’s when I realize my own potential. Only then will everyone else either fall in line or fall out of line. Either way, It’s okay. I do not need nor want anyone around me who is not for me, it’s time to shake up the surroundings. Put respect on a girl name.

[Bee signed out]

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