Dear Diary

Waking up looking at the time and asking myself is today the day I quit. Is today the day I disappear? Is today the day where life takes a turn for the better? Is today the day I meet the love of my life? Is today the day a random check for a million dollars made out to me, arrives in my mailbox? Or is today is another day? Another day of life: thankful but hoping for a change. A change in mentality, change in scenery, change in attitude, and a change in my bank account. You can’t always win, but we are still a winner! It seems like life sucks but there is someone out there who dreams of just the simple things you enjoy so I am going to get up and go to work. Holding on to the knowledge that life can change in an instance, even for the better.

Staying thankful regardless.

[Bee signed out]

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