Enjoy the show folks.

Let’s go back again to the year 2019: a wild, frustrating, but somewhat lovely year it was for her.

During a night of partying they came up with new names for whenever they were out on the town: Rachel and Samantha. A dynamic duo that was causing a storm in the region. It had gotten to a point where they had-had enough of the blatant disrespect that they were receiving from the opposite sex, so they took matters into their own hands; let’s show the world who really runs it.

Weekend after weekend, they lit up every city they touched. There was only a few occasions when you didn’t see them together, it was a trip. Nonchalant in their ways but also looking their best, they seemingly adapted a new way of thinking during this year: why chase when you can get chased? The options were endless anyways, so it made more sense to be the takers rather than the givers for once. So they did just that, took everything. One night in particular is one for the books. While partying all weekend, Rachel met someone new. They vibed together nicely so they decided to see each other again that same weekend. Samantha was sleeping over that weekend and Rachel explained to her that she would be leaving later to go chill with said guy. After she left, Samantha decides to go and chill with a guy herself until Rachel comes back. The joke of this night was they both returned at the same time back to the house; laughing at the irony they headed inside to be met by Rachel’s mother asking them why are they both coming in at these hours of the night. Unbeknownst to her mother, they weren’t even together. Both got up to have a free night out with guys eager to chill. They even had females upset because they were always around each other but barely hung out with anyone else. You see it was very simple, they couldn’t hang. They couldn’t handle being around the situations Rachel and Samantha were in and that was the ONLY reason they couldn’t tag along. They ran from bullets, human stampedes, stood out in the freezing cold to party, slept on couches, dealt with abuse, sleepless nights, and so many more to live life. On top of that, most of the summer was spent on another person’s dime so they really couldn’t bring others along.

Number 1 .

Sitting outside on the driveway drinking and smoking with a few friends is how the name: Number 1 was created. A group of girls laughing and having conversations about men; the usual, decided to rank each other on who gets the most guys. It’s funny because this is typical what males would do, or at least I’ve seen them do. Well you must know they weren’t your average female. There was so much more to these girls than met the eye. Surrounded by tough men they slowly started to become tough women; making the same decisions as them. After a long and funny debate, Samantha was voted “Number 1.” Why? Simply because none of the females there could top her effortless but rewarding behavior. Imagine if you will: A guy drives 22km to pick up a girl to drive her 67km to then drive himself back home which is another 66km. That’s 155km of driving and you got NO ass. You thought made you get a little feel up under the dress, or maybe even actually get some action for all your hard work, but receive nothing. Please note: This happened MUTIPLE times. That was the factor that placed her above another female that was on that driveway. She could have been number 1 because she was notorious for the unopened messages. You’d open her phone and see 500+ messages from guys trying their luck to get time with her. Samantha always was in season; if you messed up, you better believe there are others that can easily take your place. Her downfall was that she was still a lover: she gave chances to people who didn’t deserve them, she gave time to people who wasted it, and she held high hopes for people who treated her low. Shit… everyone’s downfall. So when she turned a new leaf and started living life, they were upset. They didn’t like to see her hanging around the men so much, they didn’t like that she was smiling and enjoying the party lifestyle. They didn’t like how well she looked when she stepped out on road. They couldn’t stand her confidence coming back. Samantha took over, leaving her old name behind and they were mad. The one who messed up now regrets his mistakes as he watches her have fun. The one who has her attention but misuses it, gets upset because she always around the “man dem,” man dem being a group of guys we all know and are friends with that we travel around with. Jealousy. When you could have acted right you chose not to, so sit back and watch her stunt.

7 MEN?!?!

What do you expect from a woman who couldn’t careless? You guys didn’t give her a second thought, now you’re distraught? Wow! Crazy! After losing her virginity stupidly, she was upset. She waited all these years for not a got damn thing. What a waste of something so precious on someone so undeserving. She was foolish to assume he was at the time. She made a vow that she was just going to focus on herself for the rest of the year and just enjoy the summer. You never know what the future holds because she was not expecting to like someone new so quickly. A new face around made all the girls foam at the mouth, who was this guy? All the girls commented on how fine this guy was and we were all intrigued to know more. Turns out his eyes were on her: Rachel. Confused by men, when he first approached her she didn’t believe that he actually liked her. “All men want is some action,” she said to herself. So she continued to do what she wanted and enjoy the summer. Caribana weekend comes around and she’s never been before, no time like the present. With a few friends, they head downtown Toronto to enjoy the festive. During Caribana, she ends up get flung up against a float by a guy dancing with her: they returned back to her house laughing about what had happened, the guy happens to be in the garage during this. The next day, she goes out again to the club with her friends. During that night, she ends up with 7 different numbers from guys who are interested in seeing her more; like the first time, her friends come over the next day laughing and conversing about the fact that she got 7 numbers in one night. Again, he is there when this happens. Like clock-work, they always went to an “after hours” party; after hours meaning once the club closes at 2 or 3, we’d head over to the next area that doesn’t close until 5-6 in the morning. We all got crazy drunk that night and after we all finally leave the establishment to meet back at her house, the guy finally says his piece. For 5 hours she is cussed in front of her friends for her actions. 7 NUMBERS?!?! DANCING ON GUYS?!?! He hated it, he couldn’t stand the idea of her moving like that while he had feelings for her. You gotta move fast with Rachel because she is always on the go. She’s oblivious also, if you don’t actually come out and say you like her she won’t know. She will continue to do her regardless of your feelings because if you want something, speak thee FUCK up!

Everywhere we go there’s a cloud of smoke, why? because they didn’t want none. Those group of 15+ people at most functions were us, we always rolled up with a gang people. Some days it was a few girls and mostly men or it was a girls night out and all the ladies would go out together. Never a dull moment. Rachel and Samantha were right there the whole time, sometimes the only females. The men would shell down the bar with money for bottles and they stood their with them drinking away; easy street. Jealousy was real: many people didn’t like their movements or wild nights, they didn’t like the lack of invite or the fact that they were always around men. Rach and San couldn’t careless.

A Dynamic Duo the region could not resist. The beginning of the year things were rough for them but towards the end they grabbed the year by the balls and made it their bitch. You couldn’t pull the wool over their eyes because they were always a step ahead of you. They had them paying for their food, paying for their uber or coming to pick them up from WHEREVER they were, they had them watching every single post they made at the edge of their seats, and they had guys who messed up in the past coming back saying they changed their ways. From a girl who can make a man leave a voicemail of himself crying for her to come back, to a girl who can have every bill paid for by a guy she just met two days ago: this duo is kryptonite.

Summer 21′ Viewers Discretion is Advised.

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