Mental Freedom

Free. Free from mental bondage brought on by how I felt about certain people. I can now say that I am over feeling down about the way people have treated me. I wish nothing but the best for the males who took me for granted and the females who couldn’t be who they say they were. I’m done feeling hurt about the way my relationship was with my dad and the ill-regard for so called family members. It’s time I left that hurt behind me and focused on a better horizon filled with nothing but blessings. We hold onto these emotions and they only turn us into the very things we said we would never become. So here’s to mental freedom: being able to say that enough is enough and I deserve more. I am a beautiful intellectual woman that is capable of making her dreams come true, all it takes is the mental willpower to go out and get what I want. No more depending on other people to grant me happiness or help me reach my goals. No more dealing with people who don’t have your best interest in mind or people who can’t offer the same things you do. When you realize that the only thing holding you back from your full potential is YOU, that’s when the change happens. That’s when the growth happens and you stop taking people’s disrespect. The strive for mental freedom only stops in the grave; until then, I refuse to let my poor decisions and the world’s behavior dictate my success.

emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.

Bob marley

Untold story. You can read as many books as you want and you can talk about it however long you may, but the true healing comes from within. In school the teacher teaches you the economics of life, homework is the example of you teaching yourself. By doing your homework, you apply all that you’ve learned into a physical situation, therefore enlightening your mind with new information. Every skill learned in life comes from constantly using it in physical form, that’s how you become better at it. Same thing applies to mental freedom, in order to be truly free you have to live the life you actually want to live. You have to eat, sleep, and breathe mental freedom. Too often we say we are going to do things but the minute life tests our wits, we give up. I’m tired of giving up, I know you probably are too. Giving up hasn’t brought me no peace, just misery. I lose my way because my emotions always get the best of me and I forget all the things I’ve learned to help make me a better human being. That’s where things have to stop, losing my way because of the actions of others will never get me anywhere because that’s a constant physical situation that doesn’t stop until I’m in the grave. Learn to cope now, learn to deal now with what’s in front of you, and remember the overall goal is mental stability. I believe that once you have – in a sense – mastered a pure, calm, collective way of approaching life you will notice the energy shift around you. I pray we all can reach mental freedom and OWN our essence. We are a fortunate species and we are throwing away all our potential. There’s more to this life I’m sure, why not see what’s out there?

Follow me on the journey to mental freedom.

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