Dear Diary

The most important thing is to be happy in the skin you are in… so easily discouraged by the pace of my life: I need to cut that out. It’s one thing to sit and talk about changing yourself for the better, you actually have to do the work. Life isn’t easy but it is truly meaningful. Where I am now: people would be grateful to be, people will never reach, or they just simply do not live to see the age I am. That alone has changed my view, you have to be grateful for life regardless of how tough it may be. I drive around and see people who are down on their luck and as heartbreaking as it is, I still have to give thanks for life. We are all giving an opportunity to live, so it’s time I fought for my life. I’ve let myself go mentally, physically, and spiritually, it’s time to bring myself back to the fold; let the world see through me what a wonderful God I serve and just how blessed I am for still having life. To see a change in the world, you have to be it.

[Bee signed out]

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