Truth be told.

I know sometimes the way I talk is a problem; dealing with constant stupid shit, eventually you stop caring. You stop holding regard for other people’s feelings because you’re tired. Tired of the ill-treatment, the abuse, the disrespect, and the politics. Do you think I act the way I do for no reason? There’s always a meaning behind it. I am all about principle; sense is sense. Don’t call me your friend and be on some disrespectful shit. Don’t tell me you want to be with me if I’m just another hole for you. Don’t force me to reconnect with people who didn’t give me a second thought all these years. Save it. Let’s be adults and realize that there’s a time and place for everything. Sometimes people or things aren’t mean to stay in your life forever, they are meant to teach you a lesson. Holding onto toxic friends simply because you’ve known them a long time needs to end. Constantly going the extra mile for a partner who couldn’t careless or undermines you isn’t going to bring you blessings. How long are you going to sit there and hold it all in? Will you continue to hide the tears that fall onto your pillow? FUCK IT! The pity party has to end eventually. My feelings towards people who’ve hurt me has changed. I made this blog for a different reason in the beginning: I wanted to let out all my anger and just cut everyone off. That feeling changed the more I started to type, I kept re-reading what I wrote and realized I sounded so hurt. All these emotions I was feeling and these people are out here living their best life: so I stopped writing these posts filled with anger, hurt, or sadness. They are life lessons: learn from it, grow from it, and move on from it.

It’s time to move on. At least we got the good memories.

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