Thankful for another!

Grand rising folks, we’ve made it another week.

I am truly thankful that my eyes were open this morning and I want to also thank the heavens for opening the eyes of everyone else who made it also. With that being said, sleep in peace to those who didn’t make it to see today. You may be gone but you will not be forgotten. Rest in peace to all the lives senselessly taking in Palestine, the world desperately needs to change its viewpoint on how precious life is and stop taking it for granted. It’s truly been another trying week for me, I was in the hospital so my posting last week was limited. Just when you think you have things figured out, life will hit you with a blow that will humble you and make you understand that you need to change the way you view and act in this world. I learned a hard lesson this week: my trust for men has dropped drastically, my respect for females has switched completely, and I’m at the point where I rather just be alone. Through all that, I am still thankful for another day. I am still thankful for another opportunity to be the best version of myself that I can be. I am still thankful for the lives of my friends, family, and even people I do not know or talk to anymore. I am still thankful for all my supporters. I am still thankful for the hard times when I feel like giving up but then I remember that life can be rough now, but there has to be shining point soon. That shining point comes from within not from the heavens. Not only are we blessed with an outpour of blessings but we also have got to want more for ourselves – to NEED more. Life tends to give us the tools to change our lives for the better, it’s up to you to use those tools and make a better way for yourself and others. So this week I ask that we all take a step back to see how far we’ve come. I know for myself I have truly came a long way, I am slowly calming my essence. I am slowly realizing that the way I react to situations, or my mindset is what has been holding me back from my star quality. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and my surroundings. I can see the heavens removing wicked people from around me, I see the heavens teaching me a lessons about how I carry myself because I’ve been going about love all the WRONG ways. All around us are lessons to be learned and shared so more people can see the blessings for themselves. This week I pray that we all can make one small step to a better future. This week try to change one thing about your mindset, whether it be loving yourself more, being less angry, sticking up for yourself, or embracing the fact that everyone has flaws.

It’s a new week full of opportunity, let’s seize it. Have a great and safe week folks; let’s #changethedynamic.

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