Dear Diary

I keep saying to myself : apply yourself to supply your wealth, the only limitations you’ll ever have is those you place upon yourself. Like forreal…. you gotta get up and get it! That’s the only way your pockets are going to expand exactly like GLC said on Kendrick Lamar’s song “Poe mans dream.” It’s like a constant battle: one day I’m feeling on top of the world and then the next day I couldn’t careless about how long I’ve been in bed. Mediation has helped with calming my mind a little bit but every new month that comes and goes, there seems to be a new issue on my mind. I’ve never craved peace more than right now. Mental freedom and relaxation. To simple focus my mind on how to successfully achieve these goals I have. I’m tired of always being down because of society or how I allow people to treat me. Shout out Bryant on Season 2 of “The ⭕️” on Netflix, I am trying to get like him mentally. In tuned with my star player and zoned in on my goals. Here’s to positive outlook?

[Bee signed out]

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