Dear Diary

I keep getting myself into the same situations. I try to separate myself from the misuse of others but I am too caring and also too naive. I know I’m being used, so why do I continue? I know they couldn’t careless about me so why do I entertain them? Why is it so hard to just drop everyone? All humans. I can count on my hand how many people actually rock with me. How many people I show love to? More than that. It’s simple, I need to just go ghost for a little bit on the naysayers. I just need to take a step back from selfish men. I gotta remember the goal here is to get me and my peoples out of a life of struggling. I got plans to put people on! There’s no time for the depression and sadness of how I’m being treated by people who – all in all – are NON factors! I got shit to do and money to make. I’ve lost focus on my star power but I’m back now. It’s time to make them rethink their stance. It’s time I showed the world that y’all can’t bring a boss like me down anymore. Next month will be my month to shine so it’s time to prepare!! Savage Mode Activated!

[Bee signed out]

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Janet says:

    Wish I had this mentality when I was younger. Would’ve saved myself a LOT of trouble and heart ache. Keep up the blog bee 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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