The Full Truth

Rip the band-aid off, I was a catfish and I’ve been cat-fished.

The Catfish.

I’ve used someone else’s picture to holla at men. ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. It profited me very well because it gave me a sugar daddy that for a while was paying for any and everything I needed. For example: my champagne birthday everyone thought I paid for that King suite at the Westin; NOPE not my dollars (thank you P). Oh and all those times you’d see me post that I’m at Boston pizza by myself; yeah that was his treat. My phone was about to cut one time because I lost my job, hadn’t paid in months; here comes CAPTAIN save – a – hoe with the $592 meant to clear my debt. To make such a happy story turn sad, I broke my phone and lost his number…. no more free 😦 He was cute too and right after he offered to bring me to Dubai with him on a business trip (wasn’t gonna go because I am a WHOLE catfish), I went to a party and it got smashed. I’m mean THANK GOODNESS cause I would have been caught but at the same time during these COVID times a sugar daddy would be blesssssssssss!

Side note.

My confidence was very low during those times so I would used what I thought everyone wanted a woman to look like and for a while it worked. For the past two years my view has changed, I’m way more nonchalant now. Oh? You don’t think I’m a snack? It’s okay. Oh? You don’t like dark-skins? It’s okay. Oh? I’m not good enough because I’m voluptuous? It’s okay because I’M A MEAL, NOT A SNACK BABY….. OH YOU DIDN’T HEAR? Apparently DARK chocolate is the BEST and HEALTHIEST chocolate, so clearly if you don’t like darkskins you don’t like your health! Oh you gon come at me because I got some Chub on me? I could have swore Cardi B said fat girls got the best pussy BUT HEY, DO YOU!

The Catfished.

First time; yess it happened twice, I was young girl really into anime. I had just been put on Inuyasha and they had a chat room on the website I was watching the show on. One day I made an account, met twin brothers, and started to talk to them EVERY damn day. It got to the point where we had already finished the whole series but still signed on to talk to each other. So me and another girl I met on the chat were talking to the brothers, we wanted to find out more information about them so we google their names. We found one of the brothers Facebook but all his information was different from what they told us: he was kind of famous. He had thousands followers and was some type of artist in Atlanta. We ended up confronting them about our findings only to be met with hostility and got blocked. PLOT TWIST: I WAS CAT-FISHING THEM TOO!!! Bro…. come on it’s some dingy little chat room filled with people talking about anime, who’s really going to put all their real information. I took some light-skinned shorties pic from Tumblr and kept my real name the same. Karma I guess?

The second time was the most craziest. I’m sure you guys have at least once seen an ad for IMVU. It’s like an avatar based platform that you can connect with people on: well your girl was addicted to it once upon a time. Like you couldn’t give me your laptop and I think I wouldn’t download the app. Well I met this guy on there and we hit it off, we started “online dating” using the app then we took it offline after we realized that we kind of really like each other. We talked every day, we’d send pictures to each other, we signed on to the app and shut down places together cause we the shit lol. To cut a long story short we found out that we were both cat-fishing each other and decided to reveal what we truly look like; I did, he didn’t. I ended it after he went on vacation and his little brother told me he caught him having sex with another girl, but we stayed SEMI cool. I ended up being introduced to this girl, we talked on tiny chat until we finally decided to meet in person. She apparently knew who he was and tried to convince me he wasn’t a catfish but when I googled him, he ended up being close friends with a guy I went to high school with and got EXPOSED! I ended up being cool with the female (who I actually think was the person behind the account) and we went on to date for eight months….. yes I dated a female… weird situation but you’ll find out more about that… soon. 🙂

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